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On April 18th 2015 My husband and I went into Lowes in Wytheville Va to purchase stuff to fix a tub drain. We walked by an employee in the plumbing isle and he never even asked us if we needed help.

After about 15 minutes he finally came back to his isle (he was not with another customer he was just sitting on a stool) my husband had to ask him for help. Because he sure wasn't going to volunteer to help us. He listened to my husband then took all of 3 min to look and said oh we don't have any of what you want. He then walked away from us and went to the stool again after we looked and found what we needed I went to find him to get his name he was sitting and playing a game one the computer flappy bird or something like it.

I got his name Jimmy and when we checked out after spending almost $100 dollars in the store asked to speck to the. manager Steve was his name I explained what happened and was told he would speak with him. Which he probably didn't We was going to purchase a standup shower About $500 more but with employees like this I don't think I want to purchase it from Wytheville Lowes if even a Lowes.

Home depot has the same one just like to support our home town businesses usually. This was a very poor excuse for an employee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1278501

Don't agree with the sales person's actions and demeanor. However, why did you walk past the employee and not ask for help if you needed it?

Was he supposed to read your mind? You needed your tub fixed and wanted to buy a product to do it. Not the responsibility of a sales person to explain to you how to do it. It's a warehouse environment for gosh sakes, not Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

You say you spent almost $100 in the store and were going to spend another $500? OOOOHHHHH big deal.

Lowe's is looking for customers that spend $10,000+ on a regular basis like apartment complex businesses. Lowe's and retail wants you to stay at home and buy on the internet.


Isle means an island or peninsula, especially a small one. Aisle is the correct word for this application.

Now let's break down your bogus complaint and possible troll post. There is no way he was playing any video game on the stores computer, it simply would not be tolerated. Perhaps he walked by you without saying a word the first time, but did you say anything to him to get his attention? I didn't think so!

Thus you are also to blame. I highly doubt Jimmy is a mind reader. Home Depot has just as many complaints similar to this one.... I love when people toss out another store as if they're any better.

Guess what they're not! They pay their employees the same low wages and have similar hiring process!

Max Meadows, Virginia, United States #973659

I bet I don't even hear from Lowes about this.

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