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I have an LAR account and a My Lowes card. The cashier has to go through so many steps when I need to put money into my account and then spend it I feel like going to Home Depot who gives me the 5% off just by showing my My Lowes card. They cannot tell mw before hand if I have enough money in the account until the purchase is reqected. I also want to tell youj that your web site was designed by a ***. I think it and Home Depots are the 3 worst on the entire web in my experience.

I wanter to offer a suggesting for a Kobalt product and could not fine a way to do it. I went to the store and they could not either.

Get your act together and come into the 21st century.

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The comment on this site sounds exactly like my experience. I can also use my Paypal account at Home Depot.

If it were more convenient I would go there. I use True Value most of the time out of convenience, I'm a Handyman, even though their prices are higher.

I like Lowes store and people but the computer system was designed by an ***. I would nor could use it to even check on products it is so clumsy to use.


I get 7% off with my lowes lar (lowe's account receivable) with the community buying group program. I simple swipe my lar at check out and save 5% plus an additional 2 percent of my statement each month.

I can pay my lar bill online or at the store. Cbg lowe's program is great and i recooment anyone check it out.

mention this post and I'll give you a free membership. Www.Community


Nothing but problems with this. All for a measly 5% discount.

I get a 10% military discount at HD.

No cards, no bullsyt, no hassle.


I agree 110%. Most of the cashiers do not even know how to put money on the card.

Many times I've been in contractor sales and been told that I have to walk to the other end of the store to customer service to add money to the card. RIDICULOUS. Lowes needs to remember that you can go anywhere to buy a 2x4 and they really only have one thing to sell and that is customer service. The only reason I will drive by a HD to get to a Lowe's is because of their customer service but that is quickly becoming non existent.

And yes as you said they need to get with the 21st century. I just went online to check my balance and what a run around back and forth to the same question and screen. "If you don't have a statement code click here" once you are at that screen it says "Enter the code from your statement". What?


I have some money that is in lala land from a return and would like to know what it is but I CAN NOT sign on to my account. Again, RIDICULOUS.


I agree completely. The LAR PoS is a GIANT pain in the ***.