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Lowe's will mislead you about the time a installation will take, I purchased a Shenandoah kitchen cabinets for what is called a ten foot kitchen and have spent a great deal for upward $40K. The contract stated the project duration of 30 days, I am handicapped and my wife and I thought that was excessive and ask why would it take so long, the sales lady said they use that number just in case there are material deliveries issues and schedule conflicts but we should not worry that the time is usually much less.

We are now into 31 days since construction begin and all the cabinets are still not installed, they just came out and measured for countertops and was told that fabrication and installation could take two to three weeks, there is still so much to do that I doubt they can get it done in 60 days. The contractor they are using is named Upfit LLC (UNFIT would be more appropriate)only uses one man for the installation and in the past thirty one days he has been on the job 89.33 hours, he only works three to four days a week and a average of four hours a day, and the quality of work is something that a thirteen year old might do. I will be posting a video. Some things you will see is no sheetrock behind cabinets, he used paneling behind some cabinets that was demoed from the kitchen and did not even bother to rip so edges would land studs cabinets not anchored to studs, instead of fixing flooring under cabinets as contracted to do he just put down nailing strips, ceiling where soffit is torn out not repaired, I had to call in a third party wood flooring firm to repair floor where they broke up the flooring and did not have the expertise to repair, the worker with out permission went into another part of my home and retrieved some flooring that was for another project that did not even match and try to install, there were design bust with the sink and sink base that would only allow for a 1/2" counter top revel that if I had not caught they try to cover up.

The cuts in the back of the sink base was missed and looks as though it was shot with a gun, they broke my alarm system, they broke my range, they want protect the house from debris, (a little plastic please). Whenever confronted with doing the right thing or the most expedient expediency wins out hands down I mean I could write a book on these clowns. When I called to complain I am just getting the brush off, no one at Lowe's gives a *** once they get you to write a check.

Like I said if I can figure out how to link video I will, it is much more descriptive. If it was not so serious it would be funny.

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Lowes threatens their installers and fabricators all the time. When something happens, say a miss measurement by the store or they don't give you the right information, they pass the cost onto the installer/fabricator.

Seems as the installers and fabs lose more money to Lowes then make money. I don't know how they deal with Lowes.

You can get cabinets and countertops for far less money outside of Lowes. Honestly, they installers are threatened so much, I wonder if they even care when they are on a job


It's a sad tale. I actually do some installs for Lowes (can't spell Slow without loweS) through a contractor I got in with when the economy was in the toilet.

They abuse their installers so bad it's a joke. I have a kitchen I put in a couple of weeks ago, should be done with it right? No, two cabinets were miss ordered and the tops are due Thursday, they just told me this, the new cabinets are coming in Monday, and I have to swap them out. How much will they pay me to do this at a job that is almost an hour from my home?

Nothing. This is common, if they screw up the contractor is required to make return trips for nothing. What contractor puts up with that for long?

I"m done with them.

They have a new program, they collect all the cash up front on major remodels, then pay the sub when it's done, the sub has to buy all the materials for the job, that Lowes has already been paid for...WTF? Real contractors never take all the money up front, we take a material deposit, and may have draws as things are completed.


This is why you hire your own contractor. In hiring your own contractor you know who will be doing the work and can check their references.

When you use Lowes or Home Depot you get whoever they hire for your job. You have no idea of what kind of work they do.