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Lowe's bathroom remodel. The issues mentioned are at the Shareholders, Board of Directors, and CEO top levels.

The person selling us on the job makes a promise 100% all exact direcrions for each part of the job would be in the PROJECT FOLDER. The project folder ended up having a generic todo list, and no exact dorections. Unless you think: "Move electrical outlet" an exact direction. The project folder was an inventory of the products we bought, described four different ways.

Not one single contractor who looked at this project folder found it useful. When I asked why doesn't this folder contain what LOWE'S promised it would. Every contractor stated: Lowe's has the worst project communication skills ever And, not just for our project. It's like this for 100% all jobs the contractors get involving Lowe's.

This tells me it can NOT be the person selling the job. This is deeper rooted with the top most levels of Lowe's. The products we choose and where sold are nice overall. Product knowledge again an issie from the top down.

The person selling the Lowe's remodel job had overall basic product knowledge. They told us about a KOHLER toilete that was anti clog, and worked better than most other gravity fed toilets. The toilet was installed by Lowe's professional, so it was installed correctly. We tested it and worked for liquids.

The first time it was used for solid waste, it clogs up. Trying to clear it with a typical round red rubber plunger failed. The new lowflow toilets have a keyhole shaped drain hole. This shape allows the water to move woth more force, while using less of it.

Thst hole also prevents the rpund shape of the basic plunger from sealing the hole. So you are left with a clog that won't move. Went to Lowe's thinking we will find a proper plunger for this new drain hole shape. Even Lowe's employees had no idea what plunger would work.

With the toilets a good ten feet above me in my wheelchair, not even Lowe's employees could easily determine if the plungers they had would seal that keyhole drain. With the use of the large rolling grey step ladder, was a employee able to get upto the same level as the display toilets. After all that ZERO plungers Lowe's had would work. I bought a 3 foot toilet snake, failed to work.

So we contact the contractors and request a different model toilet, explaining our issue. The told us no problem. We wpuld pay for install. And, two or more weeks pass...

Toilet still very clogged. And, no replacement. KORKY of Lavelle Industries, Inc. Contaced me, and knew exactly what product would clear this clog.

For anyone with a toilet - BEEHIVE MAX toilet plunger works on all toilets. I only mention it to help other people trying to clear a clogged toilet. This is something that the BUYERS from Lowe's. KOHLER , Awerican Standard and all other toilet manufacturers should know about.

AND, should sell to support the toilets offered. Top down issues continue. We see a floor model of an 84inch tall linen closet with shelves. So we order it.

At install the cabinet had no shelves. I made sure to inform the proper contractors. I was given the pass the buck garbage as to why we had no shelves woth it. Per all contractors - We have seen this on many other installs ising the tall KOHLER cabinets.

Most customers removed the factory included shelves to instsll ball bearing slideout shelves. They then digarded, or stored the factory shelves. The KOHLER company decided to stop including shelves for these units. Why didn't we kbow this at time of ORDER?

The contractors level issue: Not sealing the ONYX shower surround completely at time of install. Not installing the pocket door hardware at time of install. Project starts before 2016 Chrismas we are told 7 - 10 business days. After the first of 2017 the project gets going.

Today February 23 the project is STILL not done. If not for me calling the contractors voicing a complaint we would still be waiting for the top 3 sections of Onyx to be sealed, and the door hardware to be installed. As for the shelves, we were told they would be installed February 22, 2017. As mentioned it now is the 23rd of February.

Lowe's think about this: 1840 = number of stores nationwide. 2 customers have projects that equal $35,000 Of course if they take that to any other company, Lowe's shareholders at 52 billion in revenue think who cares. Let's do the math: Now take $35,000 x 1840 = $64,400,000 that is 2 people at each store NOT using your services. This is extremely low.

Now that above equals ONE DAY of business. Let's keep it low: 1 day a month 2 people take business to some other company. $64,400,000 x 12 months = $772,800,000 This is low. More realistic 5 times a month people take business to other companies.

This takes the $772,8000,000 x 5 times. Whst companies fail to realize is what I realize naturally. $3,864,000,000 so to Lowe's shareholders, Board of Directors, and CEO I ask, does having what serms a small number of customers use other compsnies effect you? I dare you to say no.

I also dare you to correct the osdues from your levels. Jon Holtz-Revels AbiliTV Broadcasting Diasbility and Consumer Advocate. I am in touch with Lowe's Executive Office AKA escalation department. I wanted to just make it clear as to how much a nobody customer knows about retail.

My numbers are extremely low on purpose. My projects alone are tiny: SECOND BATHROOM $10,000.00 KITCHEN $30,000.00 FRONT DECK WHEELCHAIR HIDDEN RAMP 2 SITTING AREAS $7,000 Firepit and patio $2,000 Total lost from me alone $49,000.00 Now just think every 1840 stores out this money. Now imagine 10 customers a day x 365 days takes business elsewhere... That is $49,000 x 1840 stores x 365 = $32,908,400,000 Lowe's Shareholders, Public Relations, CEO do I have your undevided attention yet?

Do not tell me you pride yourself of customer service. I just proven, no you actaully do not I am available to speak to the sharholders, CEO, and top levels of Lowe's. How to fix the issues I mention costs near nothing. But, you know best what works, or doesn't work for you.

As stated I am in touch with Lowe's Executive Office - escalation office. I hope to get company wide policy changed to avoid issues like these for all customers in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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