Roanoke, Virginia
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Cerdit card account in good standing, and they close it WITHOUT my knowledge. When I called to find out they said it was because of a review of my credit history.

No matter that my account was in good standing and I had ZERO issues on my account. They have now only hurt my credit even more, and for someone trying to rebuild and restructure, that hurts.

Poor business. Never will I ever shop at Lowes again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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I worked for Lowes for 7 years and know that at times the credit card company would close accounts that hadn't been used for some time. They said it was to help dormant accounts from being used without the owner's knowledge. I don't know if that is true, but perhaps it might be?


Why are you complaining about Lowes? You do not have a credit account with Lowes.

Your account is with an independent credit company. My guess is that you didn't bother reading the fine print on the application when you opened the account. The fine print includes the fact that they may from time to time check your credit rating and adjust your credit limits accordingly. If your rating goes up they will increase your limits if it goes down they may decrease you limits or even close your account.

Issuing credit is a business that takes into account the risk of lending you money and how likely you are to pay it back. If you have fallen behind on other loans or the amount you have borrowed elsewhere has jumped and your income hasn't they may feel it is too risky to lend you more.

How likely are you to lend money to someone who may not be able to pay you back? It isn't their fault you got into a situation where your ratings dropped.


Sounds like someone exactly as you describe, can’t or won’t read - probably doesn’t earn enough to justify anyone giving them credit in the first place and now they’ve realized their mistake and the OP is upset and misguidedly targeting Lowe’s - well at least they learned to read the letter that was sent when the account was closed, too bad they didn’t read who actually sent the letter