Glen Allen, Virginia

We started last January talking to Lowes about a price quote for a framing package for a new home. Explained that there would be many other purchases as we went through with this project.

They bent over backwards to get our business. Promised the moon... We opened a escrow account with them ( that's like depositing money in a account at the bank) so funds would be available to get materials immediately. From there it was down hill.

We have been double charged,over charged, sent wrong materials, damaged materials, special order merchandise has come damaged or wrong, materials have not been delivered when promised or not ordered when promised delaying our project. Management always has excuses. We have spent over $80K+ so far in 2 stores- trying to order appliances for our kitchen now. We already have gotten the GE Profile refrigerator from them.

We have checked 3 places for the prices the total is around $6K - LOWES is the highest by almost $1K- we ask for the matching price +10% disc - we were told they don't do that on special order!!!! We do no that certain things can go to corporate for special pricing. But even at that they won't do but 10% which will not beat the lowest price. Do you know the manager actually ask my husband to buy from them anyway if the price was close because of their great customer service (HAHA).

We have had it with LOWES!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Get over it.


sounds to me you are like a lots of others i always spending a lot of money and always *** about something with this co,what do you want???them to kiss your ***.