New Orleans, Louisiana

i was in lowes on jefferson hwy today, looking for assistance. the only employees i could find were all at the back door, laughing it up, laid back, and looked at me as if i were intruding into their living room. i thought maybe they were on break, but they all had their vests on, and were on the salesroom floor.

i just wanted help in the hardware department.

this was a horrible display of poor customer service. ill shop somewhere else. i finally found an employee to help me, way up front, but this employeee was hammered by other customers seeking assistance. meanwhile, a half a dozen employees were somewhere else. the attitude i got from them was nothing less than intimidating.

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That the new LEF......Lowes Experience of the future.........The employees are treated like garbage so you lovely customers can expect the same........Go shop on the internet instead...........................


First thing is first to both Lowe's associates, The call button should never really have to be pushed. customer service is first, you don't wait to be asked for help, you offer help.

Remember, the reason you come to work and get paid is because the customer is there.

I am a Lowe's associate and Customer focus is the number one thing everyday. No customer should walk by and not be greeted, and every associate should be willing to help, even if it is not their department.


How about next time, approach the associates and ask for assistance? I'm an employee and occasionally yes, we employees may group and BS and what not, but this gives you an out to give them some *** for slacking. Instead of being so offensive, try being a fricken human being and make your presence known then...


We have help a help button at the hardware desk. Try pushing it next time instead of walking around looking for help.

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