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For 45 minutes I couldn't get anyone to help me find a light bulb, then this nasty attitude young women comes from paints and says that the light specialist was at lunch and asked me for the brand of the light, I didn't know the brand but she kept looking for about 2 minutes, and then she said she needed to know the brand, so she then turns around and starts walking away saying "well I guess I can't help I don't work in this department " I was completely in shock to know that this women will act this way, not to mentioned that there is never an individual at this store willing to help and if there are they NEVER ask customers if they need any help, CS at this store is the worst I had ever seen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Rather than spending 45 minutes looking for someone to help you find a light bulb why didn't you spend your time looking at the light bulbs they had in stock? I doubt it would have taken you 45 minutes to walk up and down the row of stock light bulbs and determine if the bulb you were looking for was on the shelf. You might be surprised what you can do on your own if you try rather than expecting someone else to do everything for you.