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I tried to return a bathroom faucet I purchased about 1 month earlier. I was told they would not return it without a receipt.

I have returned items to them before with no receipt and there was never a problem getting in store credit. Customer service was rude and acted like they dont care. Now they have lost a customer who spent $8000 in the last 3 months over a $50 faucet.

I will never shop at lowes again. Home Depot all the way.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Did you post the fact that you spent $8000 in the last 3 months so you would get a faster response from Lowes *provided anyone from Lowes will respond to your complaint*?


I work at a lowes and the reason why they probably couldn't return it because its over $250. Without the receipt we can't return it because we don't know if someone stole it or what.

It just to be sure you get your money back right. It's not being rude or anything that's the policy. Its also electrical stuff too.

No one can return a facet that's over "250. Some items DO require a receipt.


Lowes policy blocks some returns on commonly stolen items or very expensive items without receipts. This often includes plumbing, there is nothing the store can do to change that as it’s corporate’s rule. Should have held on to your receipt or the card you used to purchase it.


You say that you have returned other items without a receipt. Perhaps you have exceeded the amount of returns they allow without a receipt.

Honest customers paying for products are given receipts and they give some grace for those who ,lose or misplace a receipt but they will only go so far. Shoplifters will never have a receipt and that is why stores limit the amount or returns made without one. If you are an honest customer, go home and look a little harder for the receipt.

If you are a shoplifter and finally got stopped in your attempts to return products you don't have receipts for, you got what you deserved. Home Depot, Menards and other home centers won't treat you any different.

to Anonymous #1503254

Are you a Lowes employee? I find borderline rude and anonymous responses to ALL complaints about Lowes.

Admittedly, your statements are correct. However, the fact that there is so much nasty directed at folks who complain is part of the problem with the culture at Lowes.

The customer is always wrong.All an employee has to do is calmly and logically explain the policy and why it is in place. Kindness and politeness goes quite a long way.

to MysteriousCeskyFousek #1503590

No, I am not a Lowes employee but have worked in retail. No, the customer is not always wrong but on the other hand.

which too many people believe, the customer is not alway right either. I don't see how my comment it rude. It is just a statement of fact in an attempt to explain why stores do the things they do. You will also find that retail employees get a lot of abuse from the customers that have they attitude that they are always right that it isn't hard to get defensive and push back to some extent.

If people would only stop and think about why policies are in place and realize the employees can't ignore them without risking their job before they start abusing the employee they are talking to they my get into a more rational discussion of the situation. You'd be surprised at the language that comes out of the mouths of customers that don't get their way.

It would be pretty rare for an retail employee to start swearing at a customer. A little respect goes a long way on both sides of the counter.

to MysteriousCeskyFousek #1503615

Was customer service rude or are you mad because in your mind no = rude?


Home Depots return policy is identical by the way. It is a legal requirement for you to show proof of purchase to do any return. It's the law, deal with it.


Was the faucet used when you tried to return it because according to Lowes return policy, which I found on the Internet, this is what is stated...30-Day ReturnsThe following items must be returned in "like new" condition with the original receipt within 30 days of purchase.Major appliancesRefrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, hoods, dishwashers, some microwaves, etc.

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