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I purchased a washer and dryer from Marianna Lowe's and had them to be delivered and setup in my home. The delivery persons refused to enter my home because I had a couple of bad boards on my deck, so they left them on my back porch in the rain and they were not in shopping boxes. Called store managers but, no resolution and manager was to call me back but, 3 days later, I am still waiting for a call back.

User's recommendation: Don't shop at Marianna Lowe's for items to be delivered or installed!!

Preferred solution: Price reduction and Apology.

Lowes Pros: Being close to my home.

Lowes Cons: This time the delivery.

Location: 4860 Malloy Plaza, Marianna, FL 32448

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You are not entitled to a price reduction. Do not buy their products or use their services if you cannot afford to.


Why would you expect delivery people carrying heavy appliances to risk bodily harm by walking across a deck with bad boards? You should have either replaced the bad boards before scheduling the delivery or mad other arrangements.


You must have nothing more to do during the day except sit in your mother's basement and troll Lowes customers who have a problem with receiving items. Get a job or a life, either one would do you good.

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