Boston, Massachusetts
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I went to Lowe's in Westborough MA this afternoon.I was there to purchase Rubbermaid 'Home Free' wire shelving.

After locating the product ; I had a couple questions. Finally I found an employee.

I asked him about the kit I was buying and that I wanted to make sure I had all necessary parts to hang the shelving. He glanced at the box and said that everything was there. I quizzed him about wether I needed I needed a top rail and the upright extensions. He gave me a blank look and said that I needed two uprights and one rail.

Again I asked " Is this all the parts I'll need?" He looked at me with a blank expression and nodded.

I got home to install them. Well ! I do need two more upright extensions to complete the installation.

Not a big deal except for the 35 minute drive back to the store to get the parts I was told I didn't need.

This is the second time I've been let down by Lowe's employees.

I'll be sure to go to Home Depot or a small local vendor in the future.

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You're complaining because you can't figure out how to put a shelf together? THEY should be complaining about YOU! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


You're complaining about them because you're too *** to figure out how a shelf works? THEY should be complaining about YOU. Go somewhere else, they don't need *** turds like you for customers anyway.


when you say you'll go to home depot, all the Lowes employees do is roll their eyes, they don't give a rat's ***.


you cant seriously want them to know that right?

1 person out of 30 in any of these places knows anything, and even then its a *** shoot.

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