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Update by user Sep 21, 2013

Lowes has contacted me regarding my issue. My bank card has been credited the amount.

Shipping for my product will be refunded because it was not in there local store as noted.

The local upper management is helpful. Receiving an email stating they are proud of their customer service from Terry at was appalling to say the least.

Original review posted by user Sep 20, 2013

On Monday September 16, 2013 I found a Gazebo online at the Lowes 501 So. Hurstbourne Pkwy store. I was very excited to find it extremely inexpensive. So I ordered it. According to the mylowes card it was pending. My account was charged for it. I went to the store to pick it up. The customer service represent that waited on me name was Kim (I think) she was of Asian decent. Anyway, I told her I was there to pick up an order. First she ask for my name before I had a chance to give her that she changed it to my phone number. Then when she could not find my order she asked could it be under a different name. I told her no, I have had this name longer than the card. I showed her my order from the mylowes site. Then she asked if it was a different number, nope I only have one number. Then she tells me that they could have put the number in wrong......whether they did not not was I supposed to know that number?

I also showed her my email confirmation of the order. She can't find it, and I am quite irritated. Then I am informed by another customer service representative that my order was cancelled because they did not have it in stock. She claimed she called and left a voicemail. I did not receive a voice mail. Had I received a voicemail I would not have driven over there to pick up the product. I was frustrated with the waste of my time. I voiced my thoughts on this.

As I was leaving I checked my bank statement and the amount was still pending. I told them I wanted documentation that my account was not charged. They could not provide that information I was frustrated because that is $184.97 I cannot spend elsewhere. I told them I wanted something documenting my account was not charged. I did not and still don't understand why my account is being deducted (pending status) for a product I am not receiving and why was the mylowes card still saying it is pending. Kim came to me trying to give me a piece of paper showing the order was cancelled. That is not efficient. I wanted then and now and now something stating my account is not charged. They could not provide. They informed me that at midnight everything resets. Mylowes card would not say processing and my bank account would say not pending. Well it is September 18 and still mylowes card and bank statement have not changed.

I felt that Kim was very condescending to me at one point she said "I know this is confusing", well I was not confused. I wanted documentation stating my card was not charged because according to my bank account and mylowes the purchase is still pending. The next morning the same Gazebo on sale again at the same store $174.

I call customer service the next day and issued my compliant. I also asked if there were any of those Gazebos anywhere. The nice customer service lady, Angie or Angela found one for me and I purchased it I am paying $97 for freight shipping which I don't believe I should not have to pay.

On September 19, 2013, my account issue continued. My account was pending $184.97 and Mylowes shopping card still said the item was “in process”. I called my bank to find out how the pending status can be removed. They informed me that only Lowes can remove it. I called the local store to speak with the manager, Jason.

Jason, the manager, also informed me it was not Lowes it was my bank. I informed of the hold encounter on Monday night. I told him the said it would be cleared by midnight on Monday, September 16. It was not. I also informed him that it was still posted on mylowes shopping card. Jason informs me I must remove that myself. He then tells me he is going to make some calls and get back to me. Well, after reviewing the mylowes purchase site and noting there is nowhere for me to remove the Gazebo myself I decided to call customer service again.

In calling customer service I reach Logan. I tell Logan my story. I tell him I have spoken with my bank and it is Lowes error not the bank. Logan continues to inform me I am wrong. Logan puts me on hold for about 20 minutes (I do work). He comes back to tell me that the managers say he is correct and we can do a 3 way conversation with my bank. I asked him to call back in 10 minutes so I can eat my lunch.

Logan does call back and we contact my bank. I had to give a lot of personal information while he was on the phone. The CSR at my bank explains to Logan that it is Lowes holding my money not the bank. She explains to Logan to release my funds he would need to fax a letter with Lowes letterhead to the bank stating that I did not owe Lowes the money and that it could be released. Logan then puts me on hold once again with the bank CSR. After 20 minutes the bank CSR disconnected. I was on hold for about 10 more minutes. Logan comes back to the phone and tells me again it is not Lowes it is my bank.

I am quite mad at this point. I told Logan after the bank just told him what he needed to do he could not do that. I needed to speak to a manager right then. After back and forward with Logan I was placed on hold again for a manager.

I cannot tell you would the managers name was at this time because I left that information at work, but finally she took care of it after I had to explain myself once again. I was on the phone with Lowes customer service for a total of 1 hour 36 minutes on Thursday.

I am very disappointed with the service I received from Lowes. I feel that your employees were not listening and did not care. I was not trying to get something for nothing. All I wanted was money that was rightfully mine. Prior to the home I have now I had an older home. From Lowes, I have bought appliances, hardwood flooring, built a treehouse for my son, and purchased storage units, closet units, paint, stuff to repair plumbing.

As of 2 years ago, I purchase a brand new home. I send my son to private school; therefore I am limited on my spending. But he graduates in May. At that point I will have extra monies to do thing around my home. I got walls to paint. I have a pedestal sink to replace, mirrors to replace, a riding lawn mower to purchase. But with the poor customer service I have received from your staff at the Louisville store and customer reps, I am not sure if I will be spending my money with your company.

I believe when Logan asked me the do a 3 way call with my bank, the company was trying to prove I was wrong. Being an educated woman (master degree) I covered my bases. I checked with my bank because I wanted to make sure I was correct. It was Lowes at fault. I hope that no one else ever experiences this. I spoke to my friends about it, one told me she stop going to Lowe’s because of the service. I posted my experience on facebook.

It is sad it took me that long to get the correct about of service. I previously thought Lowes was better than Home Depot.

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Being an "educated woman" you sure ramble on. You start with a racist comment and ramble on first saying that it is your Lowes credit card then your bank card. It is so obvious that this is a bogus post and that you have no idea of what you are talking about.


When I have problems with my Lowes card, I contact GE CAPITAL not Lowes. For a smart woman, I figure you already knew this and just chose the difficult way around by contacting the store who only signs people up for cards.