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I signed my business up for a commercial LAR account. I was told that I would get 5% off of all purchases and sometimes more depending on what promotions they have at the time.

3 days later I used this account to buy 80 dollars worth of stuff and everything went fine! then I go back that weekend to buy a water heater, trim, lumber, and a bunch of other stuff probably over 1000 dollars worth of stuff for working on a rental house. When I told them at the register that I had an LAR account she looked it up and asked for my card. I told her that I did not have the card yet as its a new account and it had not come in the mail yet.

She sent me to the customer service desk to ask manager to push the discount through for me. The manager informed me that without my card I could not have the discount? I told the manager that I had just gotten the account and the card had not come in the mail yet and that the last time I was in the store they had no problem giving me the discount. The manager said he could not violate store policy and that I would have to pay full price.

Now don't get me wrong 5% is not much, but its the principal of the matter that was bothering me. I told the manager that if I could not have the discount I would take my business to home depot. His exact words were "good, see ya". Please also keep in mind that I had not lost my temper, gotten angry, or said anything inappropriate to deserve this.

All I had said was, I don't understand why I cant have a discount when I have an account that is showing up in your computer, they just have not mailed the card. Then out of frustration I did say I would take my business elsewhere in what I felt was a polite manor. Did that justify the managers response? I dont think so.

So when I left the store I called Lowe's LAR customer service. Told them to cancel my account. The card came in the mail that following Monday so I ran it through the paper shredder! The funny thing is that I left all the stuff I had shopped for at the checkout counter where i'm sure some lowe's employee spent 45 min putting back on the shelf and drove to Home depot.

The water heater and many other items I purchased were a little cheaper and I ended up saving 11% buy paying full price at home depot!

This happened at the lowe's in Clayton NC cleavland crossings. highway 42 and interstate 40 intersection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Nothing. I have taken my business elsewhere. .

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