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I have dealt with a laundry list of issues since the first purchase nearly 4 years ago now concerning our lawnmower. When it is taken in to be serviced, it should come back fixed and in the same condition it left us.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case time and time again; as we receive our mower back more damaged than when we sent it in. This is frustrating to deal with, as we have to play tag back and forth with the store and deliveries, etc. Before all of this, our first choice as a family was always Lowes, we typically were in your store 2-3x a week, and even have a Lowes credit card. After dealing with so many issues surrounding the same products; and the lack of customer service throughout most of it, we have stopped shopping with Lowes.

When we bought our house 4 years ago, although it was a beautiful place, it needed some work – mostly cosmetic, as my fiance made a point to notice; and we did a lot of work throughout the home using your store as our idea room. We knew our biggest change was the fact that we had almost 3 acres of yard that would need a sufficient lawn mower. We purchased a Husqvarna lawn tractor, model LGT26K54, and although with the Military discount helping, it was a big purchase for us after just buying the house. After a few weeks, the mower was smoking profusely, and upon further investigation, the fuel and throttle lines were crossed and melted together due to improper installation.

Our beautiful yard had become covered in fuel, causing our grass to die and several brown spots throughout. Although your store was quick to replace and exchange, as this was the fault of the assembler, we were told that Lowes are not the ones who put the machines together, and you get what you get. Aside from a dead lawn, we were given the same model within 1 weeks time, and were happy that the issue was resolved. Then the new mower, same Husqvarna model, began leaking significant amounts of oil within 3 months of receiving.

We contacted your store and were able to get it in for repairs. Luckily, winter was on the horizon so we were not worried about not having the mower accessible. We received it back in the Spring time, and before getting it off of the trailer, we noticed parts missing and several broken pieces on the deck of the mower. We took it back immediately, and were just frustrated with the issues and quality of the Husqvarna, so we decided to just upgrade.

This meant spending more money to go with a brand we knew to be good, and we purchased the John Deere lawn tractor model D170. We waited a couple weeks for delivery, and in the interim had a lawn service company taking care of our yard. The John Deere was delivered and within an hour of receiving, we were cutting the lawn. Unfortunately, that did not last long, as the front bumper and parts of the front end assembly detached and fell beneath the mowing deck; causing them to launch towards our deck and damage some of our newly landscaped property, as well as our siding.

I was fortunate, as the person mowing, to not be injured - as the pieces could have easily came through the mowing deck. After this experience and the damage to our home, we were done. Frustrated, tired of poor quality, and faulty craftsmanship, we just wanted to hire a service full-time to cut our lawn. We went to Lowes to report what had happened and explain the frustration of having 3 lawn mowers in a years time; they explained that, again, it was not their fault, and that the John Deere facility nearest them are the ones who assemble.

In talking to John Deere, they told us that they are not responsible for the assembly, and that Lowes is. What???? Honestly, the back and forth was exhausting, and placing blame is not what we were looking for, we just wanted someone to understand the sheer frustration in the situation, and the magnitude of the problems this could have caused to us and our home and family. Nonetheless, upon looking into the issue, we discovered the front bumper was never bolted onto the machine.

No attachments whatsoever holding this piece on. Lowes offered us “any mower we wanted in their store.” We decided at the point to pick a heavy duty machine in hopes of it being durable and safe after all of the issues we experienced. After selecting this, we were told that we could not get that particular one, with no reason or explanation. So our choice was limited to the Husqvarna zero-turn Z254.

When we received this machine, there were pieces missing from it. How does this happen? So back to Lowes to report the issue, the store ordered the parts (zerk fittings), but told us that it was our responsibility to repair, and had them sent to our home. So much for warranties, and customer service.

At this point, as frustrated as a sales rep or manager is of all of these issues, think about us as the customer, being the ones who are left with damaged property, no lawn mower, and a continuous cycle of having to repair and return. I understand the stores stock and sell many products that are from other manufacturers, but the goal as a company is to help the customer, and stand behind your products, whether they are perfect or there is an issue. Telling a customer they have to fix the problem themselves, while the machine is still under warranty is simply unacceptable. And had we not been through the ringer with your company, we should have just dumped the mower off at the front door and walked away; but we felt like we had too much time and energy invested.

I’d like to say this was our stories end, but unfortunately, after 2 months – the deck belt continuously detached and the mower deck would not stay engaged. So back to Lowes repair center it went. We received it back in spring, with honestly, pretty low hopes that something else would not happen. Now 3 months later, it’s leaking oil by the OHV valve seal, and the bolts and attaching parts that hold the deck above the ground, fell apart.

The deck front was pushed down into the ground during use, and tore up the yard, kicking up rocks toward our house. Imagine our frustration, as this is mower #4, repair #3 within the span of less than 3 years. We contacted the store and explained the issue, and simply said we want to return or exchange this. It’s damaged after the last repair and simply is just not a quality machine – whether that is the fault of the manufacturer or due to the recent repairs, we don’t care.

We just want something that will last for us. This has been an immense headache for our family. I actually enjoy my time mowing the lawn on our large property because it gets me outside and I feel useful. I suffered a medical injury in combat in Iraq, and worked hard to recover and walk again.

I take any time I can to do activities outside as they keep me moving and keep my spirits up. After talking to your store, and customer service, I am left feeling like we have no options – we are left with another broken lawn mower, and no resolution. I would hope that the people we spoke to were having an “off day” or did not understand the problems we had previously gone through, as they were not understanding or empathetic whatsoever. Fast forward to the most recent issue, the mower went in for repair of the throttle that was sticking in full speed position.

It was fixed and now upon seeing it, there are several bumps, dings, and scratches on the frame of the mower. Honestly, I just don’t understand how these things keep happening, and why. I am wondering what our options are as of now? I feel as though we have dealt with lemons, poor manufacturing and assembly, and lack of care in transporting our machines.

If you are a Lowe's customer I would strongly think twice before shopping and buying any products from their store especially from the Howell Michigan store. The store manager will not address any issues and just hides from trying to solve any customer issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Husqvarna Lgt2654 Lawn Tractor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Spend a little more and buy a better mower. When you bought your John Deere mower did you bother looking at the mowers at an actual John Deere dealer?

You will find there is a reason the mowers sold in the big box stores have a lower price tag. They are a lower quality mower. Go to a dealer and buy a real mower, you'll be glad you did. I've owned 3 of the big box mowers of different brands over the years and my last purchase was a John Deere 300 series mower.

Yes I paid more for it than what I would have paid at a big box store but I got a top rated Consumer Reports mower that is a world of difference from the big box mowers. I've learned that you get what you pay for.


STOP BUYING CRAP FROM THE BOX STORES BECAUSE IT IS CHEAPER! There is a damn good reason why the lawn mowers at Lowe's are cheaper than the ones sold by the locally owned, independent companies.

THEY ARE MADE TO A PRICE POINT AND NOT A QUALITY LEVEL! The box stores dictate to the manufacturers what they want to pay for their mowers and the manufacturers make them cheaper! Every damn thing in the store is this way! Worst of ALL is the paint they sell!

Next time, go to a locally owned lawn mower dealer and buy a REAL representative product of the manufacturer, not some label engineered MTD! ( and FYI, most of those box store mowers are manufactured in Willard Ohio by MTD and just painted and decaled with whatever manufacturers labels they need to represent that manufacturers product.



That complaint is longer than the U.S. Tax Code.

Now take that hook out of your mouth and find a new vendor.

I refuse to patronize those bloated chain hardware places when there are still excellent locally owned establishments who will screen their products prior to sales.

You will receive much better service from the small business.

It may not always be the cheapest at point of purchase, but there are other factors to be considered when making a major purchase.

Now tear up that credit card and be free !

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