Cincinnati, Ohio
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the lowes lumber store in colerain ohio/cinti suburb,,,,,,,evry time i go in there to buy lumber/hardware i cant seem to be able to select or decide the products or quanity i need .cause i keep getting shuffled out the section ,cause thats when they decide to bring out their forklifts to stock their shelfs,an this is not due to people buying up everything.they are allways rude saying that i have to leave the area,when im right in the middle of loading my stuff on the cart,thats what their supposed to do after they when i go in to pay my bill every month they never say thank you or nothing!it seems like that the only thing that the young 21yr old managers want to do is talk about their love life with their coworkers instead of payn attention to the customer!,,,,,,i see it every time i go in to a lowes store.,,,,they are a joke ,iv done business with them for over 15yrs an spent a lot of money there,today the straw broke the cammels back.,,,,,i wont be back there anymore. its home depot from here on out

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Well quit *** n shopping there


ummm....did you ever think they blocked the aisles to get something down for a customer? Some of the topstock is too heavy to bring down on a ladder.And if your in that much of a dam hurry go to the depot.

Good luck with that. And by the way..good spelling ***


btw, you are funny as ***!!! Im glad you are proud of your store and your team, but seriously, get someone in there to do some work!

Even if you dont greet me or carry my stuff at least know where the stuff is in your own departments. Even if you do come at me least someone who works there would be showing some signs of life!


Your are so right. It's darn hard to shop Lowes or Depot when they close off aisles when the store is open.

They need to stock at times the stores are not full of customers.

I've been is stores with half a dozen aisles closed during the middle of they day. Sorry, I'm not going to stand around you stores waiting for aisles to open before I can get to the product I want.

Fat Mart cart rider

1st learn to spell. 2nd don't be ***.


just curious, maybe its not just the empoyess, but the *** who come in there expecting everyone to drop what they are doing, or whoever they are helping , and go to them and serv them hand and foot. your *** *** has another thing coming, and you better not ever come into my store bc I will come at both of you bigots sideways with 9 different colors of smoke!

*** you both! :zzz


ok, so you think that they are stocking the shelves with product because its not being sold? then where the *** is it going?!!?!?

and you want the cashier to wipe your ***?? wow and I seriously doubt that " every time " you go in there this happens, you spoiled little ***, please go die alone, because obviously no one wants to be around a little *** like you anyway.

this is the real world and you don't get pampered everywhere , get ***. :p


Rnb, I hear ya. Now-a-days you have to go in without any realistic expectation of service or even common courtesy.

Not their fault, its just the society we live in.

If you dont believe me just check out the home depot complaints on this forum and see all of the other guys switchin to lowes. It will just go back and forth all day long; welcome to retail in 2010.