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I opened a card up in oct.2017. My fence was supposed to be installed 11/30/17. Florida state fence...receptionist said she forgot to call. Then said its a 2 day process?? To deliver the fence to the lowes store then to me.

Then i kept getting this florida fence company scheduling me on days i was not going to even be home. This is after, i kept trying day after

day getting threw to the lowes store.

So, i get a delivery from lowes of the material come to find out i missing the gate and 2 posts and a panel for right side of fence.

Now, mind you that its a small job and only should of been installed

what 2 hours??

I then was so upset....that not all the material is there after not

being able to get threw to the store....I have to yet

wait about a month to get thus excess wrong fence material

picked up from lowes....and have to wait on the panel for

right side and 2 posts.

Florida fence comes out now Christmas has come and gone

and its mid-January....and playing phone tag for a job that , should

of been installed by 11/30/17.

Trying to speak to the store in the middle of all this.

They wouldn't work with compensation for the fence...

right off the bat no...iam not giving you compensation...

how many times have we been out there??? Iam not

making any money on this job????

That came from store mgmnt and come to find out ....i

never had the mgr. that, was for the install this person

mgr was for the front of the store.

I call the customer service and they quote say we tried

calling you?? Yeah....they leave a message and hours

to reach i dont get home til after 7pm.

When i did call on my days off...all i would get is the

same answering machine message.

Now, its May 7th,2018....they only offer me a

giftcard 200.00 and no-mention of correcting

my fence with the wrong panel and 2 -6ft posts

that should be 8ft post. you can also, see the

difference of the wrong panel and see threw to grass

and if you look at the gate can tell the posts do not match

as one is higher and one is shorter, Plus, the installer

put screws between some of the slats...why because

he knows somethings not right with panel that

was loose and also put quick drying cement in one post.

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