Worcester, Massachusetts

I ordered from Lowe's online with store pick up. I received an email saying it was ready for pick up at the store in Worcester, MA at customer service. When I arrived, I waited while the service person talked to friends for 5 to 10 minutes. When she finally paid attention to me, she said my order was not there, and she spent the next 10 minutes calling someone who never came. Finally someone else tried to help, but it took her 20 minutes to locate my order. It was a terrible experience.

I got home and saw that two things were missing, which leads to the other problem. I had a 10% off coupon, which was taken off the total when I checked out. However the email I received showed them taking 10% off each item. With no explanation, they screwed up the totals of items. They changed an order of 222 tiles to 221 tiles, and then a separate line for one tile. This was done throughout the email copy of the order. This caused mistakes to be made and for the store to give the wrong totals for two items. Now I have to go back to this lousy store to get the missing items.

I received an email from Lowe's asking me how they did. I said poorly. I bet there is no meaningful follow up.

This now makes two problem orders from Lowe's in the past six months. I'm going to stop ordering from them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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