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I ordered a washer dryer, all accessories, and haul away online from Lowes. ($2000)

I then get an email that I will get the washer and most accessories on Tuesday and the Dryer on Thursday.

Tuesday comes and they deliver the washer with the advice they will not be able to install the washer or haul away the old because they need a stacking kit.

(San Bruno store) I reply, the stacking kit is coming with the dryer from the Vallejo store. Everything to connect the washer is here, why cant you install and haul away the washer? The delivery person advices its against there policy. Set the washer in the garage and said when the dryer comes theyll install both washer and dryer.


Wednesday morning I kept calling Lowes Vallejo To purchase a stacking kit to be delivered with the current online order to make sure no issues will arise upon delivery of the dryer I purchased the stacking kit over the phone and the Lowes customer service took payment and assured me that the kit will be added to the delivery for Thursday. I was excited and pleased.

Thursday, Waited until 8pm no call or email to where the delivery truck was. Received an email that delivery was completed. I was upset and confused.

Friday morning and all afternoon, I called the Vallejo store but kept getting the run around, long holds and then hung up on.

All day trying to get answers about not received delivery of the dryer, duct, and stacking kit.

Saturday, still trying to get answers, funnily I get Jena from the Lowes store in Vallejo who Spoke to the delivery department manager explaining that yes the delivery was not made due to the delivery truck broke down on Thursday and will deliver on Sunday.

Sunday at 2 pm the delivery truck shows up, and again they arrrive with the dryer a duct and no stacking kit. And mention its against there policy to install with out a stacking kit.

At this moment Im angry, but I say just install side by side in stead of stacked. Delivery guy says not possible and calls his boss, a 3rd party delivery service company women tells me its not there responsibility for the delivery error. Im advised to call the store.

And the guys again leave the dryer in the garage and leave.

Now I have a washer and dryer in my garage uninstalled and in the way of parking my car in the garage. Im very unhappy as a new customer to Lowes and first impressions make all the difference. I begin to call different appliance stores and I find the stacking kit at BEST BUY and purchase it directly. Now I have the stacking kit and there is no excuses I just need someone to install and haul away.

Monday, I call Lowes headquarters to assist in completing my order and completion with install and haul away.

Unfortunately, it does not open until 8am. I call Vallejo store and San Bruno Store to assist with installation. And they keep referring me to the other store. Finally, I speak with Carol from headquarters and she assist by sending a message to the Vallejo store to look at and assist.

I get a call from Vallejo store saying that I must call San Bruno store to install and haul away because thats where most of the items ordered came from.

I say ok. I call San Bruno store. OMG! I speak to Sunny, he says Im so sorry about the terry customer service youve experienced and Ill get this handled as best as I can.

He puts me on hold, says the Vallejo store will credit you the purchase for the stacking kit you purchased and Ive set up delivery for Wednesday is the earliest. Someone will call and send you an email to confirm install haul away status for Wednesday. Sunny apologies again and gives me his assurances that he will follow through with this order. I felt better but still disappointed with the bad service.

Ive experienced and not able to park in my garage for a week.

Tuesday rolls by and no email or phone call received yet. I get worried. I call Sunny at San Bruno store and he says I should get it by 6pm. Ok.

I wait and I finally gets a confirmation for and install haul away for Wednesday between 2pm - 6pm. Im so delighted! Now just wait.

Wednesday, 4pm arrival of a 3 man team to install and haul away. They where quick and efficient.

Not more then 1/2 an hour it took.

I called Sunny to thank him at the San Bruno store.

And I wish I could get some compensation for the inconvenience experienced. Thats when he said to call or email corporate.

Now as a customer I leave it in the hands of corporate to compensate customer.


Customer experience bad!

User's recommendation: Be careful. Or shop elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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