Clifton Park, New York
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Went to Lowes on 12/30/14 went to buy a laundry washer. Was told they had one in stock.

But they were unable to find it. Was then told two other Lowes had them in stock but they couldn't find them either. Finally had to order it and wait three days for it to arrive. Received a call on the day i was told it would arrive 1/2/15 telling me it wouldn't be delivered until 1/5/15.

When i asked why i was told because the truck never showed up with it. I informed them i had taken the day off and was promised it would be here 1/2/15. Only reply i received was " Oh well these things happen " I guess thats what happens coming from a minimum wage low life.

This will be the last time i buy anything from Lowes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $274.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Cons: Employees attitude.

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They told you it would arrive on the 2nd meaning it would arrive at Lowes on that day, They then have to call you and sch a delivery date. If the product don't arrive it's not L:owe's to blame.

A lot of you don't understand the system but yet take it out on the associates who are already taking enough heat from customers like you. The associates do what they can to make the world revolve around customers like you, There are only so many delivery trucks and delivery drivers to deliver and when the trucks get over loaded then its hard to keep everyone happy. Especially when Lowe's wants to honor next day delivery but yet corporate is on the manager's butt about: why does delivery have so much overtime.!? It's like, what do they want, service the customer or worry about paying the O.

T. to the associates. The store manager comes down hard on the delivery manager about the overtime, Can't have both. There should be a cut off time like most delivery companies have.

Retail is very hard to deal with because of so many customers who want the world to revolve around them.


I have the same problem with Lowe's at Oakland park and University, promise delivery my wash machine today (8am to 10 am)and when i call Lowe's 2 pm and ask about my delivery I receive the answer, we no have your product in stock, your delivery come in jan 5 after 5 pm, LAST SHOP better buy in HOME DEPOT


im sure they couldt understand what you were saying on the phone, becuause whatever you are trying to say is terribly written.


Never take a day off work until you know for sure the product is there and ready for delivery. Appliance manufactures are good at backordering product or not shipping out of their warehouse on time.

For example, Whirlpool (also makes Maytag, Amana, Kitchen-aid, Jenn-air etc) ships product into a distribution center in Minneapolis. This distribution center has had problems getting product to the stores it services on time. The don't notify the store in advance, they just don't show up. When the store checks with Whirlpool to see where their appliances are they are just told they will be delivered on next weeks truck.

A store like Lowes has no control over this. The date they give you when you make the purchase is the expected delivery date, unfortunately the manufacturer didn't keep up their end of the deal.