Covington, Tennessee

Ordered a dishwasher at the local store. Since I wanted white, it was a "special order " and was charged $60.00 more,installation was $109.00. Still agreed to buy. This was on 11/29/14 and was supposed to be here on 12/15. Took off work.

On the 15th, no dishwasher. Called salesperson who told me it may be on the truck that came in the night before and she was to check and call back. No call back. I called her back to find out "Due to the holidays the shipment was behind. Then, told me it would be delivered on the 19th. Took off work.

Well, the 19th came. No dishwasher. Called the local Lowe's to find out why it wasn't there and waited on call back saying "There was a dent in the dishwasher. You'll have to re-order.

Cancelled order and went to Home Depot only to have more delays from Maytag! After, taking off work again!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Lowes Pros: Product.

Lowes Cons: Lack of response, Poor customer service.

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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #946266

also, why are you posting the complaint on Lowe's, when you found out that it was actually the manufacturers fault to begin with?


Why would you take a day off work before you were notified the dishwasher had come in? You even took at least 2 more days off after the first delay.

Your complaint is about Lowes but as you should be able to plainly see, the problem is with Maytag. Why do consumers get so upset with the retail stores for manufacturers delays.

You got pissed at Lowes, went to Home Depot and had the same problem. Your complaint should be about Maytag, not the store you ordered it from.

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