I purchased a new dishwasher (via the web) for my mother for her birthday. I purchased it via the web but through the Bardstown, Kentucky store.

On the web, I purchased the dishwasher and was prompted to pay extra to have the old one removed (which I did) and was also prompted to purchased the connecting kits (which I did). At no time on the web did it ask me about "installing" the dishwasher. After following up on the purchase, I was told there would be an additional charge of $119 to have it installed. I was fine with that but wish it could have been arranged during the original purchase.

So, I paid to have it installed. Paying this later than the order delayed getting delivery of the dishwasher. Then the fiasco of dealing directly with the store in Bardstown where I never spoke with more ignorant and rude people. The would have to arrange for the installer to contact me....

I was further told the installer would come to the store, pick up the dishwasher and deliver it and install it. No one in the store new about my order or anything associated with it (I had to educate them and get all paperwork together for them to be able to do their jobs). One staffer schedules the installer, one only handles the transaction of appliance, and one poor soul was given the task to initially contact me to tell me about delay after delay. Darren at the store could have cared less about getting me/us taken care of.

Same with Sandy Gillespie and Jason Rider (the poor soul I spoke of). The installer finally came on the 16th to install it....but it hadn't been delivered (he went to the store, spent over an hour trying to track the dishwasher down....then was told be Lowe's staff the dishwasher was delivered to my mother yesterday. Guess what...no dishwasher delivered. Then the installer called the store (in the meantime ( called the store manager to complain).

The latest is that it will be installed sometime within the next four hours.

We'll see! If I ever purchase anything from Lowe's again, I hope someone shoots me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: To call me and apologize for employees being so inept!.

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