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Every time I go into the lowes in vero beach or any other one, I regret it. The service there is the worst.

Try to find someone to help u load heavy items into your cart or car u wait at least 15 min. Then they r rude about it. Comparing them to Home Depot service, there is no comparison. I give lowes 2 stars and Home Depot 5.

U go into Home Depot and there's a person in every isle asking u if u need help.

I don't have to go running all over the store, or stand outside waiting for 15 min. That's what it took this time to get help outside to load

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor help.

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You are shopping at a big box Home Center, not a full service store. You shouldn't expect a lot of loading help in a big box store.

Lower levels of service is why their pieces are lower. Don't know where you are but Lowes usually has more employees than Home Depot.


solution is in your review.....baffle me why you dont just go to Home Depot?

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