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I set up an appointment to get a quote for gutters and soffits. The gentleman called - but I was unable to answer and he never showed not returned my return call.

So then I tried another location (Strongsville). He showed but I am now chasing him to get the estimate. I have emailed him and called him. He claims that he sent it and would be "in the store" on Friday and he would send it again.

Well it is Friday...and no email. So I called the Strongsville Lowes and long story short he is not "in store" and they would take my information.

So I thanked the gentleman who answered my call for his time but it is obvious that Lowe's does not need any money since they are finding it impossible to get me an estimate. But I guess this is a good thing...they can't even handle an estimate - what would happen if they actually got hired to do the job?

User's recommendation: stay away from using their services.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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Be thankful he never showed up, mine showed up and your right your lucky!

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