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I am so mad right now. Today I went to Lowes for more materials and purchased lumber, some tools and 4 bags of quick crete. I had to load all my materials myself as no one was available. While loading the gentleman parked beside me in the Pro lot was complaining and telling me about his service experience. After I loaded my materials and drove to the check station, handed the girl my receipt and she came back to the door and asked me how may bags of QC I purchased. I said four. She said I was only charged one and showed me. She was correct. I asked her what did I need to do and she told me to go back in a pay for the other three, *** I told her to take the damn things off the truck because I was not going back in that store, stand in that line and spend my time because of a mistake LOWES made. So she struggled to take them off and I told her that was crap. Lowes needed a register outside for times when they screw up such as this. She was very snipped and handed my receipt back.

To me this entire experience was a waste of my time, which I consider valuable. Lowes screws up and expects the customer to do the leg work to right it?

I attempted to contact the store to speak to a manager and voice my displeasure but they never answer the phone. I dare you to try calling them 910-487-****. Let me know how quick you get answered. I tried for one hour and gave up.

Lowes absolutely has the poorest customer service. The past year has been a boon for Lowes, yet your stores treat people like we do not matter. I have been in this store I know 5 times in a week and spent well over $500. I am done.

User's recommendation: Stay away.

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Quit shopping at big box stores if you can't load your own purchase.

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