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On June 24th I went to YAKIMA, WA LOWES to purchase a dishwasher. It was obvious that the man at the register was beet red and mad at someone.

He could not get my VET discount to activate and told me I had to forget it and get registered properly tomorrow. I told him it worked yesterday and this mornings try F1 and use my phone number and he became angry and when I told him to calm down he started yelling. I asked to speek to the manager and he said it was the lady in the next register. When I asked both for his name they refused to give me their name.

I would not leave, since my dishwasher had not yet arrived, till I spoke to a manager. A gentleman came to me and asked the problem and I told him what happened. He assured me that it would be dealt with but as I was leaving I heard one of the staff, standing there, tell another one that it was an angry customer and nothing will be done about it. The staff at most Lowes lately, Seattle to Central WA have been getting rude and very mean spirited.

I am wondering is Lowes is doing things to make their staff angry because none of them seem to enjoy their jobs and they all hate the customers that pay their wages. I have decided to return my dishwasher and and go to HOME DEPOT IN THE MORNING.

When they see my business purchases and personal purchases they will realize how much money they will be throwing away by bad customer service. D Johnson

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Have a long talk with the staff about the importance of each customer, keep calm and stop being so angry and nasty.

Lowes Cons: Very upset and will give home depot a shot for awhile.

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When you complain online via the Lowe's website or call the 800-44-LOWES # they generate a ticket - a CCIC - that's sent to the store's management team to follow up on within 24 hrs but good luck with that. In the next few weeks/upcoming month management is getting cut along with another round of associate cuts all in the name of increasing profitabilityThe morale of the associates within each lowe's is extremely low right now because of the CEO Niblock and his gang of out of touch corporate leaders intentionally running the company into the ground by cutting payroll hours at the store level to cut costs and on that on paper increases profits for him, the stockholders, and his wall street pals.

Niblock would rather appeal to the wallstreet profit gang then do the right thing and invest those profits back into store operations and the people. Niblock professes to be a servant leader and forces every manager to subscribe the servant leadership model but it's all a social scam. All he cares about is putting more dollars in his pocket at whatever costs.Just look at how Home Depot is smashing Lowe's in sales, customer service, product availability/in-stock position, first to market in new products, IT infrastructure and backend processes.

Niblock only cares about his *** NASCAR *** and looking good around his buddies. He doesn't give one rats *** about people at the store level.

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1343803

First, Im sorry you had that horrible customer service experience with the company. That is not something we enjoy hearing.

What I can tell you, these are extremely turbulent times for many employees do to multi-wave mass restructure that has effected nearly half the staff at every store.I am by no means a spokesperson, just an honest employee.

Lowe's has eliminated around 14 full time management position per store on average, and much of the slack is left on the shoulders of our (younger, less seasoned) part time employees. However this does not forgive any employee for raising there voice with a customer.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1343637

Problems like you experienced are usually due to lack of adequate management. Best to shop elsewhere when you encounter store locations like yours.

I shop at a local Lowe's and have always had good experiences.

Lowe's has a website. Go to it and file a complaint with corporate about that location.

to h.kitchener Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1343805

This is an effective way for your voice and experience to herd yes... but coming from inside the store.

Issues presented this way are seldom resolved. Best practice is keep your composure and insist on speaking with a SALARIED manager.

Lowe's has restructured its Management platform and now there are extremely under trained managers that are customer facing (in daily businesses purposes) being forced to deal with such issues. Which often result in a further aggravated customer.

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