Provo, Utah
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I needed a 3/4" T with a 1/2" threaded bottom. I went to Lowes customer service and he asked the plumbing department to bring one up front, which he declined to do.

I went back to the plumbing department and he was on the phone. When he got off he helped the person that was ahead of me and walked around the corner, I followed and he helped someone else and this happened again. He said I''ll be with you in a minute bud, but he never showed his face again.

I won't use their plumbing department again. I have had no problems with other departments there.


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How often have you been in one of those BigBox hardware stores? It's difficult to find anyone to help with questions.

Let alone, you asking them to service you like a Diva!

I'm suprised you don't have your personal assistant do your shopping. After all, doesn;t everyone?


Did you think you were at a burger king drive thru? Idiots like you make retail a complete pain.

you went to the service desk and asked for something to be brought to you? Do you think the employees are a bunch of dogs? Go get this fido! I hope you never return to the store!

Next time walk yourself to plumbing and wait your turn like all the other customers piled up. Furthermore if you think the service is gonna get better think again. The company is planning to phase out all the old high paid people and will use their pay to bring in a bunch of part timers to help you.

Then you will be lucky if anyone even speaks to you! You have posted one of the most useless complaints I have seen in my life.


I'm going shopping today at walmart. I think I'll go to customer service and tell them I want a gallon of milk brought up.


So you're mad because you didn't get special treatment? Maybe you should put your self in his shoes trying to handle the overwhelming amount of customers and trying to answer the phone that rings every other minute.

Besides the fact that his feet were probably aching from 8 hrs of walking on concrete as well. I hope you don't shop there anymore so that you don't bug that poor man again.

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