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I went into a Lowes on 88th in Denver to purchase an upright tool box lower section..When I went in to the tool section I found 4employees sitting around on boxes shooting the breeze.. I asked fo some help, and one guy said he would be with me "in a minute"..

Finally , after one of the employees told the remainder of his story, one guy asked what I wanted.. I told him I wanted some help picking out a tool box, which was located about6 aisles away.. When I walked over to the section, he just walked away..The other three continued to shoot the breeze..

Finally, a person from another section came over, and when asked about the available tool boxes he told me he was not from tools..

I walked out, NEVER TO RETURN.. Lazy, poorly trained employees appear to be your standard

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have had multiple experiences that you have related. The most recent was in plumbing, no associate to be found, rang the service buzzer, no response, after waiting a few minutes I proceeded to another section of the4 store, looking for another item, again no clerk in sight.

After an exasperating and frustrating search I found a female associate from another department and she was kind enough to help asa best she could. As my son-inl-law and I turned in the aisle, lo and behold there sat three long time employees sitting next to a forklift shooting the breeze. I proceeded to ask if nthat was all they had to do, of course no reply. I eventually found a dept.

supervisor and explained to him the problem, he apologized and assured me that the problem would be corrected. In this particular store there are never enough associates or they are elsewhere goofing off. Had this been the first time, it would be acceptable, but it is not the case. I went to a local competitor the next day and cut the same deal with him.

I will not be returning to Lowe, for what I can secure from the local. They just don't seem to care and certainly don't get it.