Reston, Virginia

I purchased a Black and Decker Router last Sept. for a project at home. The project was cancelled and I didn't open the router box until February of '08, when I noticed that the box had been opened before I purchased it (from Lowe's).

The collet on the router would not open sufficiently to take a bit. I took it to the Lowe's store where I bought it and they were able to knock the collet out and replace it with one they took from a new item on the shelf. I took the router home, assembled it, plugged it in and turned it on. The bit did not turn and the motor just hummed.

I took it back and they would not simply replace it, I had to take it to a dealer or distributor who would replace it. That required me to take time off from work because the replacement station was only open from 9 to 5 and it was an 80 mile round trip from my house. This is the second time I have purchesed an item (first was a water heater) from Lowe's, only to get it home and find out it had been previously opened and was damaged.

I will not purchase another tool or appliance from Lowe's - they are impossible to work with. Home Depot is far more customer friendly.

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Put yourself in their place, you sell someone something, 6 months later they come back and say that they just now noticed the box was open and that they really, really swear they didn't open it in all that time and use it, not even once - and its broken. What would you do?


You waited 6 months? Lowes is under no obligation to help you, that's what a warranty is for...


Well, if people didn't constantly try to get one over on retailers by returning products that they use...this wouldn't have happened to you.

BLAME politically correct America...cause that is who is really at fault.