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have to sign up with Lowes with all their *** emails, phone number etc. to get a whopping 10% veterans discount.

Can't just show my va disability card with my picture and disability rating like I can at Home Depot. Home Depot is head and shoulders above this *** business in customer service, pricing and knowledge of products. gody bye to lowes. Never been treated so *** as they did telling me I had to verify through some *** website, my military service.

{{Redacted}}!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A DISABILITY CARD FROM THE VA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How the *** did you survive the military being such a little whiny pos? Waaaah I get a discount but I have to do the smallest thing to get it waaaaah why do I have to do anything?? Grow the *** up.


Just another old vet who whines. I mean at what point did the military say you were owed anything?

When in basic training did they ever tell you that once your out you’re supposed to act like self entitled dill holes? Great!! At some point in your life you performed a dangerous job. So what!!

The police perform their dangerous job everyday. You don’t see ex cops on site like this whining about a discount. Here’s a better example. Linemen who provide you the electricity you are using get no discount and if they make a mistake it can be their last.

Far more dangerous of a job and far more deserving then you. But do we see them on this site whining about a discount. See you are far to full of yourself. Far too self righteous and self entitled.

You shame yourself sir!! You shame every upstanding vet integrates back into society. People like you are truly sickening as your military service was literally the only good thing you ever did with your life. And because you think you’re so special the world needs to bend to your desires.

The great thing about snowflakes is they are very fragile. Good day sir while your service is appreciated your attitude is not.

to Durpa #1522823

This is somewhat Ironic - you credit his service but dismiss it in the same breath. It's apparent you've never served, especially when overstating the occupational hazards of a lineman or a police officer - give me a break.

Have you ever consider how this might put older vets at a disadvantage? Nah, you lack perspective just as the man you criticize.While this individual might not of handled it in best manner, the bottom line is that Lowe's is forcing him to provide them PII, which is then provide to a third party, who is suppose to "verify" his service. Without going into the specifics, it is NOT a good idea to provide Lowe's or any other entity with PII (personal identifiable information).

Lowe's databases are a soft target for adversaries, and could inadvertently put veterans and their information at risk. The risk isn't work the 10%, and if Lowe's really valued veterans, they would align with Home Depot's approach, and not force them to choose.


How did they treat you poorly? They offer a discount to veterans (which they don't have to do) and you trash them because you don't like the process they use to verify you are actually a vet and not someone trying to scam them. Sounds more like you are the one treating them poorly to me.


You deserve nothing. You made a choice and you were paid for it. Stop begging for handouts, snowflake.


Yet another vet crying about a discount. You obviously haven't looked at the complaints from vets about Home Depot or Menards.

There is absolutely nothing that requires any store to give you a discount. When they do offer a discount you should appreciate it and comply with their requirements for receiving the discount.

There are plenty of other people just as deserving of a discount that aren't offered one. It's obvious that you don't think 10% is much of a discount so why are you making such a big deal of it anyway?

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