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I have spent over $10000 with this store since they opened. up until the last few visits they were excellent for help and friendliness.

lately they have been getting less helpful and friendly. in the last year I have purchased a new $3000 lg refrig. 2 new dishwashers, a new washer, a new dryer, a new Frigidaire refrigerator, a complete set of kitchen cabinets, tile, roofing, lumber, French doors, tools, drywall, plumbing fittings, pipes, valves, and much much more. I will be purchasing more of the same as my son and I have several properties and will need more kitchen cabinets, paint, flooring, plumbing, major appliances, vanities, faucets, etc.

. I buy a lot of the clearance merch. and was looking for a new range and found one last Friday the 21st about 11a.m. and they always try to make a deal for me but this time both associates on duty were unfriendly, not helpful at all, and told me to go find a manager they would not call one or try to help.

I went to the service desk and finally a manager jerry showed up and said he couldn't make a deal that the appliance was marked down the day before and that on Monday, the 24th a new week started and he could help me then. I drove 30 miles up from below st cloud to see if the range was still there and it was so asked the associate on duty to help me and again the same person and again unfriendly and not at all helpful, he said go find a manager and didnt offer to call one. I again went to the service desk, found jerry the one who told me to come back Monday as it was a new week. he said he was too busy to help me and would check later.

I waited around an hour for him to do something but he just ignored me then disappeared. so how would you like to be treated this way if you were a loyal customer and had spent the amount of money I had there and was going to spend at least another $10000 in the next few months on another house project. I managed three autozone stores and three goodyear stores and know retail pretty well and would never treat a loyal customer like that. you will most likely discard this complaint but at least I registered it.

store is the lake nona florida store 12276 andric lane Orlando florida 32827. if this store no longer wants my business there are 2 more lowes stores and 3 home depot stores in the same range that I can give my business to. I managed 3 autozone stores and 3 goodyear retail centers and know retail pretty well.

you treat all customers well because you never know just how much business they can give you. joe Mitchell

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Gotta say, Mitchell.. From your post, it sounds like you never pay full price or discounted price.

You always want a special deal.

If you have managed retail as you say, you know they make zero money on your loyal patronage. They would probably love it if you switch to another vendor.


I spent over 40 years in retail before I retired. There are steady customers that are happy to pay full price for the products they buy and there are people who are frequent customers that purchase a lot of clearance products and often want a lower price than marked.

In most cases a home center like Lowes is more than likely selling the clearance items at or below cost. Yes, you may have spent a lot of money there, but did they make any profit on what they sold you?

The manger may have been busy working on a sale or a problem for a customer that was making a profit for the store. It would be a good business decision to make that a priority rather than rushing over to reduce a clearance price on an item they aren't making money on anyway.