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We have sub for them for 15 years. They are not loyal to their constrictors, they will give you work and without notice take you off rotation so that you no longer receive work.

Its feast or famine with them. They have no consideration that people have families and business obligations to pay for. When you call to inquire why no work is sent to you they offer nothing or 'don’t take it personally,' well I’m telling you it is personal when you have to keep income going. They want you to devote unconditional time to the chronic calls, emails phone calls for updates and questions.

At the end of the day I'm lucky to be making a dollar a day. I also make a lot less than I did when I first came on board. They have taken my services and reduced them to a cheap one size sits all solution, so I get paid the same regardless if it is a specialized job or a standard one.

Dont get me started on the sales dept.

Either, they make no effort to get to know what they are selling instead placing all the responsibiliity on the installer to sell the job. I have made the decision to let them go after 15 years and end the cycle of feast or famine.

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Did you ever stop to think that they don't have the jobs to give you. You don't say what kind of contractor you are but I'll use a contractor that might install kitchens as an example.

Kitchen sales are best from January to May. Summer comes along and people are more concerned about outdoor projects. Kitchens will pick up again September to early November.

No one wants their kitchens torn up between Thanksgiving and Christmas so sales stall again. It's feast or famine for the people selling kitchens as well.