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Bought a pella door from lowes and had it installed- the contractor who installed the door cut corners and left things undone. Trying to get lowes back out to finish the job has been a nightmare.

Know one seems to know what is going on and I get a different story every time I call or go to the store in person. I will never buy anything from lowes again. This was at the store on Wilmington Pike in Centerville, ohio.

Sorry customer service, sorry products, sorry contractors that they must have gotten off of the street. Please rely to this.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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That's not fair to say that the employess don't know what's goin on, I work at store 1944 and I can honestly say, I dont give a *** about u customers.I bust my *** all year and at the end of it all I get is an I'm sorry we can't give u ur $35 bonus cause time r tuff. So come on into lowes u yuppie *** nothn brings me more joy than screwing up ur order


I had troubles with Lowes at Troy AL.

The main problem relates to emplyoees; they lack of basic skills their jon may require.No body knows nothing about nothing; when you get an estimate is usually wrong or 3-4 times higher than any other (well qualified) contractor; in addition a few employees are rude and seem to care nothing about costumers.


Pella Windows & Doors in Pella, Iowa, will be happy to help you. They will make sure you are happy with door either by having Lowes correct problem or they will.

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