I attempted to return an electric pressure washer to Lowes in Coeur d' Alene Idaho. I used the washer once (summer of 10'), tried to use it this week - non-op. Lowes customer service rep asked if I called the manufacturer - I said no. She then told me I should have purchased the service plan. No offer, no help - Just POUND SAND! I left the washer at Her counter. If She has offered even a token of a settlement I would have been OK with the treatment. I went to Costco and bought a replacement.

Last applicance or power tool I buy from Lowes!

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This is a prime example of a ***. He expects a token of credit?

Then has a tantrum and leaves his property on the desk. Real good.

You could have called the manf. This isnt 1970 anymore nor is it Mels hardware.


I agree with the other comments. Sounds like you went in hot headed and would not even discuss the problem or ask for a supervisor.

My wife worked there as a supervisor and you would not believe how many times they went far beyond what they needed to simply to make the customer happy.

Moral of your story.. keep your cool and then ask for a supervisor. If you would have done this I am betting you would have walked out with a new power washer.


its under manufacturer warranty for a year, not lowes so dont blame lowes for not being able to help you. if you wanted them to help you should have purchased an extended protection plan through them, duh


what do you expect you bought it a year ago. It is not warrantied by Lowe's it is warrantied by the manufacturer.

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