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Update by user Dec 03, 2013

Since then Lowes called me back and said that the price had been refigured and it was going to be 450.64. we will now be using them.

Just wished they could have been upfront about all of the fees. Will continue to shop here due to them correcting the problem.

Original review posted by user Dec 03, 2013

I wont be shopping at lowes again for anything. We went to pick out carpet for our new baby's room (12X14 in size)on Nov 21.

Picked out an in stock carpet that we liked and got a price quote from Chris for $420 for carpet and installation(we had already moved furniture and got the old carpet out. tack strips were still down). We were going to have to pay mileage due to living 40 miles away from the store and the $35 fee would only cover up to 20 miles so we agreed. so this would put the carpet and installation around $500.

We had to pay around $75 up front for someone to come out and measure. On Nov 24th the guy came out to measure the room and said he would get the estimate in that day. Didn't hear anything Friday or Monday about the estimate. So Tuesday I called and I couldn't ever get an answer in the flooring dept.

Called on Wednesday and was told by Mike that the guy didn't send the measurements in but that he would call and then call me back. Never got a returned phone call that day. Called back on Friday and Mike said that he tried to call that morning but the contractor must have been closed for thanksgiving and that he would call back Monday morning and let us know something. Monday came along and had not heard anything so called around 2 pm.

Mike said they had not called but would and then call me back. He finally called around 4:30 and said they did get the estimate and that it was going to be $630+ miles, $250 more than what they previously said.When asked why the price was so much more, they said that there was a $200 small room fee which they failed to mention before we paid the $75 up front. If we had known that it was going to cost that much more we would have never paid the $75 for the estimate. My husband called the manager on duty,(I think Verdell) and she pretty much said that the price could not be changed and that we could not get our money back.

LESSON LEARNED. If people ever ask us where to go for home supplies, it wont be Lowes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Estimate.

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Sales person made the mistake and the installer is paying for it. That's how Lowes works.

Installers clean up their mess by taking a loss when it wasn't their fault. Lowes=Bullying