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I did a week's worth of research on a new washer becuase our older one stopped working. I found one at Lowes and it was 449.

that was 2am and I saved it to my shopping cart and then went to bed to be sure I wanted it. At 10am the same day it was changed from 449 to 799. Neither price was a glych. It looked like they did it b/c the reviews were too good for the low price.

There were 172 reviews 5 star. Most b/c of the low price. I am pissed. Do not buy from Lowes without checking all other places first.

They were below other places on that one and now they are much higher. I think this is price gauging. they shouldn't be able to raise the price that much just because people liked it.

Plus the only reason most were so happy to make a review was b/c of the great bang for the buck. Obviously they made enough money on it at the other price for it to sell that many and be fine.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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It wasn't an ad, it was the actual price before. And I asked when we went in and the lady just awkwardly Smiled.

Now this washer is on sale for 100 more than it was before, so don't fall for the sale ad b/c other stores have it cheaper anyway. Hike it up a ton and then fool people into thinking they are getting a good deal. The back of the current ad shows them and they were regularly 450 less than 2 weeks ago. That is why I am pissed.

It was not on sale at 450. It was regular price and it changed online in my cart the same day.


did you take a copy of the ad in . I did and they still honored the price...sometimes you have to ask.


Clarification. It went up to 699 online and up to 799 in store in Independence, MO.


We needed to use a lowes card and a debit card so we sould have had to go in store anyway. Unbelieveable.

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