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I went to Lowes to get a quote on kitchen counter tops. I was looking at quartz with Ogee edging.

They gave me (kind of) a quote and it was quite expensive. I went over to Home Depot and they were higher yet and told us to get a written quote. I went to a different Lowes to get a written quote as the salesperson we were dealing with was out for the week. This time I got a quote of $3,411.00 for everything including tax.

This was a few hundred lower than we were quoted before. He had called the vendor about the edging and that is where we got the big discount. He also told us he was not going to put this as an official quote, because we can't keep going back and forth from Lowes to Home Depot for a price match. That was kind of funny since this was the first time they actually came down in price.

So----we went to Home Depot to see what they could do. They called the vendor about the edging and guess what? It was the same guy that Lowes called!This time he would not come down on the price. We called Lowes back and they said they made a mistake and it would be $400.00 more for the Ogee edging.

Hmmmm. How do you price match when you are dealing with the same person?

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(1) Quartz, great product

(2) Ogee edge, ornate, ugly, too expensive due to the production time to produce it and the price of the tooling.

(3) There is NO tax when installed with Lowes, there IS tax with Home Depot.

(4) The price you buy the countertop for will not be the price you pay at the end, so why even price match. By the time template is done, you will probably end up paying more money because your own measurements were off.

(5) People make mistakes.

(6)"How do you price match when you are dealing with the same person?" don't, pick one and deal with it.


Both Lowes and Home Depot have similar companies that template, cut, and install countertops. Sometimes they are the exact same ones with different products.

These companies or licensed to buy wholesale the countertop material. The reason only rough estimates can be given is because until time of templating by the installer you really cannot be sure of sizing and unforseen things.

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