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Update by user Apr 15, 2013

The manager contacted me yesterday and did an outstanding job resolving this issue! Thanks Lowe's!

Original review posted by user Apr 12, 2013

I found a 10x10 building at Home Depot for $699. When I asked about my store, which is on Platt Springs Road in Red Bank Sc., I was told that if it's not the exact same name brand, they would not honor that price!

We have spent thousands of dollars in this store throughout the years, but we are done now. I call the corporate number and then got a call from the same manager at the store that blew me off earlier. Why would anyone want to talk to the same person who was too busy to talk to me at the store, and passed me off to his assistant? I will use Home Depot for supplies from now on and Harbor Freight for tools.

The price match is even printed on every receipt, but is not even whole in the policy! Avoid store number 2967 unless you want to be lied to and dismissed easily!

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Lowes LIE about price match!!!! I will never shop there!!!

SJ store....


You clearly do not understand what price match is. How can you think it is required to give you a price of an item that is not the same item?

Price match means match the SAME item, not one that looks like another.

One brand can be much less expensive than another, and for you to think you can get the expensive one for the generic price simply because the size is the same is not only ***, you are demanding that they allow you to steal. If you see a brand X for 1.99 and insist on getting brand Y that costs 20.99 for the 1.99, common sense should tell you they are not the same, and to give you the 1.99 is NOT price matching.

The manager that called you and gave in should be fired for not following the policy, and the corporate representative who insisted the manager give in should also be fired.


It's only if it's the same exact product. Oy, people. Walmart pissed me off but I still go back.


We price match no matter what the name brand is. If it's a 42 inch mower with a B&S motor, that's all that matters.

If the shed has double doors and is 10x10, we price match, and we take a lot of business from Lowe's! That's how matching works!

@manager of competition

That is not how matching works. If your company price matches on stuff that is not exactly identical your losing a lot of money.

No way in *** is it smart business to price match a 42 inch mower to another 42 inch mower that is made by another company; there can be hundreds to thousands of dollars in price difference based on the brand even if they each have a briggs and stratton motor. It would be like matching a Ford 150 to a Ram 1500 because it had the same motor in it, just down right dumb.....


I work for a competitor of Lowes and the only way an item will ever be price matched is if it's the exact same item. This includes; brand name, model number and if as long the store in question is not out of stock of the item.....

You honestly have nothing to be angry about. If stores price matched just because it was similar they would lose tons of money.


Sounds like an employee of Lowe's! The whole idea behind price matching is to force competitive pricing, and the name brand, ECT does not matter. Car dealerships match all the time!


I don't work for Lowes, I work for Menards look it up if you don't know it. And that's not how price matching works.

It has to be exact brand and model in order for my store to do a price match on it and it most be in stock at the store we are price matching it from.

All our major competition runs their price match this way; that includes Lowes and Home Depot the only two home improvement stores in the world a head of us. Menards even has the largest stores 200,000 to 250,000 square feet, the average Home Depot is only 100,00 square feet


Heartless, it's "ahead of us", "a head" is what you clean on your job at Menards. Do you get paid to mock anyone who posts something about Menards? Or are you just a troll?


The name brand and manufacturer do matter...apples to apples ...good luck shopping. Lol ,)


How can you expect the to match price based only on size? The weight and type of materials used vary from one brand to the next.

If Home Depot is your store now go in and look at doors for an example. You can find 36" exterior doors for under $200 or over $1000. A $200 door will be a steel door without a window.

It's easy to spend over $1000 for a fiberglass prefinished door with ornate glass. Yes both are 36" doors but they aren't going to give you the fiberglass door for the steel door price just because they are the same size.


It has to be an exact match item. You can not price match a "Cadillac to a Yugo".

@Oh Boy!

Nope, but you can price match a Ford to a Chevy