I ordered a bar-b-que grill and requested delivery on a specific date. Though Lowes told me it would take 7-10 business days to obtain the product, this was no problem since I ordered it 16 days in ADVANCE.

Lowes confirmed my delivery date and charged my credit card. The DAY BEFORE my grill was to be delivered, i received a call from them telling me the grill I ordered was not available and they would not be receiving this model to fulfill my order. They didn't inform me at the time I placed my order...or even within a few days or a week following the placement of my order...THEY CALLED ME 18 hours BEFORE IT WAS TO BE DELIVERED--TWO FULL WEEKS AFTER PLACING MY ORDER--to tell me I wouldn't be receiving it!

Too late to call Home Depot or another retailer to find the unit in time for the party I had planned weeks in advance. Terrible service.

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