Denver, Colorado

I attempted to purchase a garbage disposal and installation. Sign said to tell the cashier that I wanted install.

Stood at the understaffed check out area for about 15 minutes to get to the register. Slow because nothing was marked (in lumber area) with a sticker so they had to keep going to check a price. Once finally there I was charged for the disposal and paid, but was then told I had to go to plumbing to order the install. After standing there for a bit the lady finally got to me, asked a bunch of questions, filled out some things on the screen and got up and walked away.

After about 10 minutes someone asked if they could help. I told them the story and they went looking for the other lady. She was found up front at customer service waiting for me to magically show up. I trudged up there with dog and disposal in hand signed the paper work, and then walk back to the opposite corner of the store where I was parked and where I originally paid for the disposal.

That afternoon the installers called and said they would call to set an appointment.

They did call back 2 days later and set an appointment for 10 days out. They later called back (about 3 days) and changed the time. The appointed day came and they did now show at the appointed time, but rather claimed that WE had the time wrong. The time they wanted to come at a time when we had clearly told them we would not be here.

They said they would have to reschedule for two weeks out. Finally a call to the store got them to agree to be here the next morning.

The individual was very displeased that I bothered him and offered no apology. Aurora, CO.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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