Chicago, Illinois
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In March 2010, I purchased a John Deere Lawn Mower. After three cuts, the discharge a assembly melted apart, I took it to Tonys Repair shop on 2400 North Harlem in Chicago.

While cutting grass after a heavy rain hit submerged pipe and bent the shaft and blade accidently, to find that the part was not covered by warranty, A BRAND NEW LAWN MOWER INOPERABLE, very disappointed in companys policy in warranties, no consideration of replacement of lawn mower. Also I am disappointed in the quality of the lawn mower, any and all consideration would be greatly appreciated. I was coerced into purchasing this lawn mower by the salesman #1273647 not only did I purchase the lawn mower I also purchased the extended warranty to cover any possible damages. Money as you know is very hard to come by and personally I dont or cant afford to throw away $563.19.

Please rectify this situation as quickly as possible. A PISSED OFF CONSUMER

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sounds like my neighbor here in missouri,he doesn't like manual labor.


No Warranty in the world would cover this. This would be considered "abuse" or "negligence". Wait...Craftsman hand tools cover abuse and negligence...just not their mowers...


Let me ask you a question. If you bought a brand new car and hit a pole on the way home....would your warranty cover it?? If it does...please let me know...I want to but that warranty for my car.


Yoyu broke the mower. It was your fault. Another shinning example of how people do not take responsibility for their screw up.


Take the time to read your warranty. It covers DEFECTS not DAMAGE.

If you hit a pipe and DAMAGED the mower it won't be covered. Man up and pay for the damage YOU caused to the mower.