On a given day I wish to buy an appliance that is damaged and request to pickup next day which I am told OK we will put a pickup next tag on it or to be delivered next day. No problem.

But on the next day I wish to buy a bundle of damaged lumber/shingles/ on different end of store But the sales person [states its company policy you buy you have to take it with you when purchased. You tell him/her you are in a auto and have to get a truck and would like to pickup next day or later. Reply, No can do Company Policy it has to be taken when bought. Why?

It's a sale and a Sold Pickup later tag could be put on it as was the appliance. Who makes Company Policies A manager at a given store or the owner/s who pay the employees/manger who tells a person its Company Policy. I would like a reply by mail to 104 Spring Road, Laurens, SC 29360 or Email to Kathyjohn@yahoo.com. I don't understand why Lowes has a price posted on a idem and a customer who wants to buy but you Have to take it when you buy No working with customer giving him/her time to get a truck/trailer to haul.

No One Store by name but told at more than one.

If you have a written policy stating I would like to have a copy by mail. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The cashier should / could have sold it as a pick up later. The cashier did not want to rering you up and get head cashier or manager to refumd rebill you items. Poor custer service.


The reason stores want you to take merchandise like this with you is they can't replace it and they want it gone. As you say, you intend to come back the next day or "later".

People think once they pay for it it can sit there till they are ready to pick it up. On clearance product they want it out of the store so they have room for current product they can sell.

Stores are not storage lockers. Pay for it ad take it if you want it.