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I won't bother to mention the product as it really has little to do with my experience. I purchased, on line an appliance, November 6 2015.

The ad said it would be avail by 11/10, it would be delivered Free or I could pick it up. I called the 9th to see if all was ok and was informed it would be 11/20 before I would get the product, I called the 11/19 to be informed it would be 12/10, which went to 12/20 to 12/29 to 01/06/2016 to 01/15/2016. You may be wondering why I haven't told Lowes to shove it. I got a very good deal on this product and it was one I wanted. To try to find this product somewhere else at this time, would cost 200 plus more and would not substantially get me the product much sooner due to Christmas. I realize that stores don't have much control over manufactures. Which is why I am not writing this in a foreign language such as @#$%^%T*&(. You would think that Lowes would have some idea that the product was back ordered way back in November. Which then I could have made a decision to make a different purchase, apparently this is just a bit out of the intelligence level of the sales person. btw I did go into the store on a Saturday and talked to a Women, by the way she acted, I assumed she was a Supervisor, who told me she would make a check on the following Monday and phone me with the information, this is now Wednesday, she must have overslept, or just said that to get rid of me. I am not a hard individual to get along with, until you exceed my tolerance level which takes some doing, but when that level has been reached, you will know it is a hurry.

Kelsey S

Reason of review: Product on back order, not informed for over a month.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Uncertain delivery time, Lack of communication.

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