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Our Roper dryer, also purchased from Lowes some 10 years back, stopped working on June 17. We thought about it, age and all other things considered, decided to buy a Samsung to match our washer, also purchased from Lowes.

Looked on the internet, found one that we liked and decided to go to our local store, Shelby, NC and buy one. Lady in appliances told us she could have us one in seventeen days. We thought about it and decided that wasn't too bad, and opted for the installation and haul away. July 6 came and I took off work to wait for them, nothing happened, no call, no nothing?

I went to the store and asked the appliance lady, what? She said that they didn't have it yet, probably schedule it for Wednesday! Same result....On Thursday afternoon I called again and got a lady that she would call Samsung and get back to me! Same result.....On Friday I called and held on the phone system in a cycle of dial # for appliances, dial# to speak to an associate, for an hour and a half, then finally I got a lady in appliances who again informed me that she would call Samsung, I then told her that I heard that yesterday and let me speak to the store manager and she transferred me to somebody and I asked if he was the store manager, NO!

after which he told me the lady said that Samsung was shipping the dryer on Saturday and it would be ten days til it arrived and would be installed ten after that! After that, I got a large glass real cold ice water and anticipated how my wife was going to react to that and decided against that option. I called appliances back and told them to cancel the d____ order as nicely as I could.

And then today I get a bill from Synchrony bank for the dryer that I don't, don't want, and may never ever buy anything again from your company. There's bad customer service but this is totally unacceptable!

Location: Shelby, North Carolina

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Same experience, use reputable retails, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot

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