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My wife received a call from Lowe's at 0850 pm concerning a shade she purchased too replace a damaged one.The new shade was not a room darkener shade even though it said it was. The shade did't match the other 14 in the house which was the same brand and bought also at Lowe's in the past year.

She was told that Lowe's sometimes orders different types of shades.Anyhow the complaint is the person calling was asking way too many questions about a darn shade and calling at such a late hour.This call came from opinions counts phone #336-7140399 and of course this comes up as a wrong number when calling back

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That is the customer complaint line calling you back. The only way they would have your number is if you called the customer complaint line or filed an online complaint.

They would have called normally within a few moments of your initial request, or within 24 hours of a complaint. If you thought the shade wasn't right you could have brought it back into the store just to compare and return it for what you really wanted.

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