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Last year I purchased a $3000.00 patio door. When the installers arrived to install, the determined the door had been cut wrong.

The measurements didnt match, they installed anyway and for week we had to deal with cold air seeping through the large gaps in the door. Then they had the dept. mgr. come out, he agreed the door was not cut for my patio (which the measurments are taken at the time of order).

Meanwhile my husband and I stuck towels in the gaps to prevent the air from coming in and the hear from going out; while they place another order for the same door, well we waited and waited. We finally called the store 2 months later to find out when to expect our door, of course the dept head was out, we heard back 30 days later; only to inform us that they ordered the wrong door and had to place another order. The installers came out to install door #2, only to learn that it was again cut incorrectly (based on the measurements when the order was placed). They had to place another order and told us they would call when it came in.

Well, we never received a call, my husband called back 30 days later and was told to give a little more time for the door to be custom cut and shipped to the store. 3 months later we called again and was told the door had been sitting in their store for a few weeks. We were contacted by an installer notifying us that he would be out to install, he came. He took one look at the door and said "This is wrong again, Im sorry!.

He called the store while I was there and told them they again the wrong door was shipped. He called me 3 weeks later and said, the door he left sitting in my shedd is the door he just hope it was cut according to the measurements. Four months later, I havent heard back from the installer. I called Lowes to speak with the dept head, who was very rude, put me on hold for 15 min.

and when he reurned, I explained to him how I didnt feel I should have to pay the full price for a door that still hasnt been installed, he response was, OH you will have to pay the full price. After speaking with the financial company, I realized Lowes was paid in full for the purchase I made on my project card, now they were coming after me for a purchase that is still sitting in my shedd and the door that was installed with the large gaps is still stuffed with towels to now prevent the rain from ruining my kitchen tile.

This has been a terrible experieince for me and my husband.

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A door coming in wrong spec is 99% manufacturer or salesperson error. If it was detailed wrong the installer would be paying for the wrong door himself at cost plus 10%.

Needless to say, your installer is going to make sure he measures correctly... I've personally dealt with issues on doors that have taken ridiculous amounts of time to fix, mostly due to lengthy lead times from vendors/manufactuers.

You should keep in mind if a door is going to take 3 months, it will take another 3 months if there is a problem with it. Problems are common enough where I wouldn't wait that long if it was something that I needed/wanted ASAP.


The measurement errors are to blame on the installer, which is what the detail was for. I agree, the Specialist and/or Manager that placed the original order should have kept in contact with you (and been more understanding), but the store does order those doors from companies and sometimes it takes quite awhile (a $3000 door is not a common thing).

Also, the installers are not Lowe's employees, but contractors who simply work for the store. There is a rating system used for rating your satisfaction with the install which you should exploit if they do a poor job. However, in this case, honestly your best bet would be to return the door.

With this type of error those doors are refundable. If they disagree, call the corporate office and state your case.


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