Barrington, Rhode Island
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Purchased a new washing machine in store -warwick RI. Good salesman - met plus 10% discount of Home Depot .

Delivery for a Saturday. canceled 20 minutes before delivery time - damaged unit, they rescheduled for the following Monday. I took off work time again, the ycancelled order an hour into the delivery window. routed me to management who took no ownership of delivery ("we use a third party contractor - not us), no owership for sale "well hyou can cancel it if you don't want it now and couldn't give me a real date when they would actually make the delivery (already pd from a credit card!) Extremely rude, condescending sub manager "we sell from this store but we don't do deliveries" .

NEVER making a purchase from Lowes again!!!!! At this hour - still waiting for a senior manager to call back - not holding my breathe on this.

Will have to cancel the sale , can't miss a third day of work for a washer. Time to find a laundramat and another owner/operated appliance dealer

Monetary Loss: $999.

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We purchased a riding lawnmover in the store and the advertisement said next day delivery. When we finished the transaction (this was on a Saturday) we were told that the earliest delivery date would be Thursday, well that didn't work for us so we had to schedule another day 14 days out because of our work schedule.

The delivery men called on the day of delivery and stated that it would be 4 hours later than the agreed upon time and if we wanted we could reschedule. We said no, we want it delivered today. When the lawnmover arrived the men could not even get it off the truck because the battery was dead, so they stated we can take it back if you like and you can reschedule to have it re-delivered. They also went on to tell us that they were delivery drivers from another Lowe's store due to all the New Bern delivery drivers calling out of work.

So we called the manager at the New Bern Lowes store and informed her of what happened and she matter-of-dactyl said, well you can bring the battery back and we will recharge it for you. Not I'm sorry for the inconvience or anything.

We finally got the battery charged and got to cut our grass three weeks later. I so very dislike Lowes not just for this incident but for others.

@Not happy in New Bern NC

Feel your pain! We had almost an exact experience with a lawnmower order last Spring - 3 fails on delivery(1st time the blades were damaged and not secured properly; second time the battery was stone dead and delivery staff couldn't get it off the delievery truck bed and third time they arrived 4 hours late (with no call) and hadn't returned the two calls I made to inquire what was going on!

Only one of my children (under 18) was home working on a school project - we had to deliver some groceries before it got to late to my in-laws. They tried to get my daughter to sign off on it and she prudently /legally refused. Turns out good thing - it was the wrong and a cheaper mower unit. We cancelled the order, took three weeks for them to credit my C Card with multiple calls to remind them to do so and went to a local small Home and Garden shop and brought the same unit for $40 more and had an A+++++ experience.

I see the owner from the shop in town and he asks " everything good with your mower" thye care.

Any word from Lowes on the debacle - nada, nunca, nadie!!!!! That is all - over


Only a coward posts without their name - that said - they did have it in stock, I received after the third botched delivery a profuse apology from both the store manager and the logistics company - after they delivered when I returned home from my 0530 - 1900 deployment job. They continued on that night to make a delivery to a woman who had 5 botched deliveries and a gentleman with three delivery failures. Your comment is quite transparent - Lowes hopefully is paying you at least minimum to respond to legit consumer concerns - Merry Christmas I won't be posting on this board again - much more legit avenues that don't stack company trolls to run interference and as my neighbors all said - they just stopped shopping at Lowes - Easy button (borrowed from another large scale retailer ) :)


You made a purchase of an item that is not stocked in the store. There is no way you can expect a manager to 100% guarantee a delivery of an item he doesn't have his hands on.

All they can go on is the information they get from their warehouses and delivery service.

Getting mad at them does no good and doesn't improve your chances of them helping you. In the future, buy from a store that stocks the appliances in the store and can assure you they actually have it for delivery.


unless you work 8 am to 9 pm, you shouldn't have to *** work for it to be delivered at sometime during those hours