American Fork, Utah

No one offered to help find material, then when we rolled up with 3 carts full of building material we were asked to move them to another cashier..once at the cashier another employee moved our carts out of the way so they could get a fork lift into the building, but didnt offer to help load it as the truck was sitting right out side the door. After the cashier was done he watched us load all the matierial into the truck and not offer to help, just leaned on the counter.

Its not that we couldnt load it alone, but some of the items were heavy, and it would have been nice to offer.

this is not the first time we have experiened this but it is the last time. We will no longer order or buy anything from Lowes and have let others know of the experiences we have had, encouraging them to go else where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Did you even ASK FOR HELP TO LOAD IT? Seriously you expect others to ask to help you, but you're not willing to do the same.

Read very carefully you wanted these items it's your responsibility to load these items and unload them, not come online and complain because you did not get help loading them when you DIDN'T ASK FOR HELP. The best part is when your kind do get help and still complain because it wasn't done perfectly to your desire.


Most people who can get their product out of their vehicle when they can get home can load it in their vehicle as well. I expect that if they had loaded it for you you would be complaining they didn't follow you home, help you unload it and build your project as well.

You also seem to expect the cashier to come outside and load your product. If they did that you would be complaining there weren't any cashiers to check you out because they were all outside. You don't seem to understand how stores work.

You need to hire a contractor to do your home improvements. They will buy the product and get it to your home for you as part of their job.