Brookings, South Dakota
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After waiting for over an hour to have a board cut so I could place it in my car, I was put off again. This was at Brookings, SD at 9:00 pm, April 22 2010.

He sail he would do the sawing after 8:00 pm. I was put off twice more I don;t think he cared if he would do the job or not. He should not be handling coustomers.I finally ran out of patients and left ( Hopefully I will never have to return again to the store). I am one who tells others of my experience.

I am wondering if anyone will read this.

I have the impresion this web site is like a toilet stule. Once you use it it is flushed away never to be heard or seen again.

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Kimberly, West Virginia, United States #137097

After giving your problem thought, it is obvious that yoy are blaming lowe's for something they have little control over.

When our government took the Bible, Prayer and punishment out of our schools, they also took out education, morals and modesty. Lowes is controled by this same government as to who they can hire.

No longer do they have the ability to test for education or skills. So what is left?

Kimberly, West Virginia, United States #136935

People who go to any wharehouse lumber Co. go for price, not service - They should be ready to carry their purchases home.

Take a saw with you and cut it youself out in the parking lot if need be, or stick it out the window or tie it to your roof, as they always have tying material available.

Or, go to a local lumber yard where service is given to justify the higher prices charged.

Drs. have patients, people have patience.

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