Biloxi, Mississippi
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Hundreds or more veterans will refuse to step on the flag we all fought for it, disrespectful when I ride over there.


Tatu ,

I'll see for myself tomorrow, I served with the US Coast Guard 72' till 87' and I bet the fellows I used to know are probably in charge by now, what ya think. Our veterens need to be treated like heroes, they are.. I ride w a motorcycle club now, only way to keep the true brother hood going and the rush is here too. We are mostly ex military.

I did 11.9 years at sea duty. Loved it took my bike every where we went ( after E-5)and well just cool.. Check it out, you might have a check coming. Got probably did more and got it coming.

So attitude, Lowes needs to learn a proper attitude unless they already have. This is the USA and I don't like it, do you?

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The Lowe's store I work for removed the product from our shelves.