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Where is Lowe's corporate corporate office?


Lowe's corporate office address is:

1000 Lowes Blvd,

Mooresville, NC 28117


How do I complain to Lowes?


To contact Lowe's customer service team you may:

  • Call customer service on 1-800-445-6937
  • Text them at 704-313-1818
  • Visit


No returns list?

Is there any way off the "no returns" list? In the past 5 years, my wife and I have remodeled our bathrooms and kitchen.

With a busy family and kids running around, we take more than a few weekends to complete some things.

On top of that, we sometimes misplace or lose the receipts when projects take months over days. Anyone know a way to get off Lowe's "no return/no exchange" naughty list?


When you get denied there is a ticket that prints off. On that ticket is a phone number. You can try giving that a call but your best bet is to start keeping track of your receipts.


Order # 74813332

Ordered element for oven $42.59 model #fef366eme ! Received it Happy!

Was asked at that time if I wanted bulb said No 3 times .. Well when I received my element yep they sent me a bulb I didn’t want charged me $4.11 I’d # 7743354 !

Makes me angry that they didn’t listen and charged me the extra $4.11. Angry


You could always return the bulb.


Contractor flooded basement

We had our kitchen remodeled by contractor from lowes.. we moved sink and dishwasher.

Reposition pipes When contractor installed it he ran the water to check pressure etc. he never went into my basement (which is wide open ) to check for leaks . When I got home basement was saturated Lowes claim it was an old pipe and they are not responsible. ????

What can I do ? if the contractor just looked while he was running the water before he left this wouldn't of been an issue


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