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How do I complain to Lowes?

3 answers
Bowie Lowes Today is August 12,2020 at 1015 am the man whom is posted to answer the phone this morning is extremely rude! he has hung up on me 5 times after he couldn't figure out to properly transfer me since the phone disconnected twice. I am a regular customer but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Can someone please retrain him on the phones and he need customer service classes. Thank you
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1605266
To contact Lowe's customer service team you may:
  • Call customer service on 1-800-445-6937
  • Text them at 704-313-1818
  • Visit
@On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center FYI as of today the customer service number does not answer and their website will not let you access any current emails. I have tried them all
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Cannot get thru to customer setvicr

by Phyllis S Rcr

I’m trying to order by phone with my military discount. This nw IDMe system is nasty.

I’ve not been able to successfully set up my info I’m done trying and considering ordering from someone else.

I tried to order in-store. They coukgny help me.I’ve just spend 6 hrs trying to figure out and I’m over it!!!!!

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Who to contact on installation that was scheduled, no one showed and no phone call on what happened?

by Anthony C Ats

Had scheduled installation for 9/ 22/ 21.No one showed or called.After phone calls I made to store and coordinator. No result, told to call back next day, called back no result, called installer no result.Still waiting for answer Terriible service.Sent check for total amount assays ago

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I lost my Lowes merchandise gift card with $202.03 on it. What can I do?

by Paul L Bhy

I went to my Lowes store #2241 and asked for a new merchandize card. They told me to call 866-327-****.

I called the number and a recording told me to contact my store and then hung up on me! What can I do?

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Can I take past receipts and add them to my Lowe’s card number

by Arnisha Juk

0 answers

how can I get a receipt from a previous purchase

by Lamont M Vzk

I called and cant get anyone on the phone and I need a receipt for my HR dept for the month of june 18th 2021

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How can I get my refund

by Marcella L Itv

I paid for an item in my local Lowe’s. Was to be delivered.

Received a phone call from Lowe’s stating there would not be a delivery. The clerk oversold the item. Not in stock.

I do not believe I was given a credit back to my account to cover the full amount I paid. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Update phone number

by Stefanie S Lde

My father needs to get his phone number updated for his veteran discount how do we update that they tell us they can’t do it instore.

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What is the status of my credit app

by Barbara R Hvi

I applied, but the Synchrony link to verify my identity didn't work. I was never able to complete the application process.

However, when I tried to reapply I was denied because I just applied. Check on the status of my app for credit to purchase lighting.

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Credit card charges

by Alfredo M Bzw

# 86367****. I paid $136.22 for one thing and the charged me twice plus two extra charges of $97.33 and $38.89 what are these charges about? Asistence ASAP please thanks for you attention

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Where is my merchandise

I ordered bronzr curtain rod & hooks & all i received is the hooks i want my rod i pd for

1 answer

According to the Lowe's help section, if you receive an order and some items are missing, you should contact Lowe's customer care at 1-800-445-**** within three days of receiving the order to report the issue.

Pervious Purchase

by Alicia F Dno

How can i get a copy of my receipt ? purchase was made September 2020 17.1-cu ft Counter-depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator (Stainless Steel) ENERGY STAR Item #: 140**** | Model #: HBM17158SS

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Why does Lowe’s order double the supplies and charge you for everything for the contractor to take it when they are done.

by Dana H Wnx

Lowe’s came and measured my house for siding. They dropped everything off.

They just finished the job and there are four full boxes of siding left enough to do the house again. The contractor says they get to keep it and I heard them on my ring device saying he was going to use it on his house and laugh about it.

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When do I get my refund?

I have e-mailed several times, but with no response as to when i can receive my rebate of $300.00.

1 answer
Unfortunately, Lowe's does not provide any information about when you may receive your refund on the company website.

However, according to the comments posted at, you should receive a refund within 3 weeks after they confirm that you are eligible for a refund. Sometimes it takes a few months to get a refund. Please try to reach out to the Lowe's customer care team for assistance:
  • by phone at (800) 445-**** (toll-free number within the United States);
  • via the company's social networks.

Dishwasher repair

by Jaelan Eou

On hold on phone. I cannot wait any longer. Why dont you have an online system, email, etc.?

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Why can't a manager at least request customers to wear masks?

by John Obq

Today, 8/14/2020 Waco, Texas - Customers in Lowe's today about 6:00 were not wearing protective masks or were wearing them incorrectly. Also two associates.

A manager on the phone told me she would follow up on the associates, but she would NOT talk to the customers. Two of the customers were standing around in the main entrance doorway as if waiting for someone. I found another entrance. When I exited, they were still there, masks dangling from their ears.

WHY couldn't the manager at least request they wear them? Another customer cussed me out when I commented on his mask being around his neck and that it wouldn't work that way. He said he didn't care. I asked him about all the dead people.

He told me he didn't care about people dying.

Lowes can't refuse him service I guess, but they could sure make sure everyone entering the store KNOWS that the company TAKES PUBLIC HEALTH SERIOUSLY. I left without making a purchase.

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(Access Denied)

by Francoise J

I have been trying ( for the last two days) to get on line to place an order and I get this message "Access denied"...yet I can access Synchrony Bank with my acct number without any problems...what is wrong ???...thank you...

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Extended warranty for John Deere Riding Lawn Mower

by Jason R Hsc

Hi there, I just bought John Deer E110 with 2 yr manufacturing warranty. If I buy 2 years extended warranty states, does it take effect after 2 yr manufacturing warranty ends?

In other words, 2 yr extended warranty adds up to 4 years warranty in total? Please advise.

Thanks! -Jason

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Price match

by Meredith G Cyu

Dear Sir or Madam: The Blue Rhino gas grill was on sale last week for $129. When I went in this morning to purchase the grill the price had gone up to $149.

I was not able to get to Lowe’s last week because I needed to have my dads car in order for it to fit. My dad, who is 80, finally felt comfortable to venture out with me during this pandemic. We spoke with the cashier and asked if Lowe’s would honor their pricing from last week. They said they did not have that ability however suggested I should write to corporate and personally request a price match.

Due to the pandemic, my dad and I were not able to get to the store last week. Can you please honor the grill sale price of $129? It would be greatly appreciated. I attach my receipt for documentation.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email. Best regards and thank you.

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re: order#414********-received in West Philadelphia store. Possible fraud-it was indicated I picked up item.

by Joyce T Ipj

I called the store. A young man answered and stated that the order was being shipped to the house.

When I told him I was to pick up he said oh yeah, it's a picture frame mount. (the order in question is a bath room rug set) He told me to "hold on a second". five minutes go by a a woman comes and asked could she help. I told her the situation.

Told to "hold on a second". She comes back and rudely asked "what you say? At any rate, I am concerned about this order $23.04 and the remaining order. I asked for a manager told to "hold on a second".

I would like to speak to a manager but can't connect. PLEASE help.

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